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Salem, OR—Today, the Secretary of State released a report showing the Governor’s Office and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) have taken many steps to better prepare Oregon for a major disaster by implementing or resolving nine of the 11 recommendations made in audit report 2018-03, "The State Must Do More to Prepare Oregon for a Catastrophic Disaster."

“The Governor’s Office and OEM have taken significant action to get Oregon ready for a major disaster,” said Secretary of State Bev Clarno. “We still have work to do to ensure the state is prepared to weather a disaster, but planning is well underway.”

In the original audit 11 recommendations were issued. These recommendations focused on improved planning, better internal policies and guidance, increased transparency, and ensuring Oregon’s statewide emergency management system has sufficient resources to reduce the state’s vulnerability to disasters.

Read the full audit follow-up report on the Secretary of State website:


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