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From Secretary of State Bev Clarno
Salem, OR—The Secretary of State provides vital services to the residents of Oregon, including business registration, auditing of public agencies, preserving public records, keeping the administrative rules database, and partnering with local government to carry out elections. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the systems that support these services.

The SOS security team uses a number of tools to provide multiple layers of security. Processes are in place to monitor systems, investigate suspicious activity, and respond to events as necessary. Several projects are planned to increase security and ensure that all systems are protected.

With the 2020 general election cycle on the horizon, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our elections system.

State Land Board
As Oregon’s Secretary of State, I serve on the State Land Board. The Land Board is responsible for managing lands under its jurisdiction to obtain the greatest benefit for the Common School Fund.

At the June Land Board meeting we presented the State Land Board Awards. These awards have been presented since 2004, recognizing projects that promote responsible, sustainable stewardship of Oregon’s natural resources. It was my privilege to present the Partnership Award, given to organizations for outstanding service that contributes to the Department of State Lands’ mission and day-to-day work.

I had the honor of presenting the Partnership Award to the Oregon Fisherman’s Cable Committee, Inc. The OFCC has worked together with the Oregon Department of State Lands and multiple submarine cable system owners for the development and landing of West coast, Alaska and trans-Pacific submarine cable systems on the Oregon Coast. These installations have been done in a way that minimizes negative impacts to the existing stakeholders of Oregon’s Territorial Sea, such as trawler fishermen, while providing great benefits to the State of Oregon. This informal partnership has resulted in responsible, sustainable stewardship of Oregon’s Territorial Sea and the natural resources it contains.

Robert Munier, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, came out from Massachusetts to attend the award ceremony, and recalled an early trip he took to Oregon years ago to get this project started. After struggling to get any fisherman to attend his meeting, former Representative Terry Thompson offered to help. Together they walked along the docks inviting the fisherman to a meeting, and the rest is history. Just another reminder that knowing how things are done locally can really make all the difference!

The Audits Division released three follow-up reports in May, with two more planned for June. The follow-up on the DHS foster care audit was released last week, you can read further information here.

Visitor from Japan
The Audits Division had the pleasure to host an international visiting auditor earlier this month, Mr. Takayuki Sato from the Board of Audit of Japan visited with the Secretary of State. Mr. Sato is here on an informational tour of the U.S. visiting several state and local audit offices. I enjoyed talking to Mr. Sato about how the Board of Audit of Japan operates, and answering his questions about Oregon’s audits. Deputy Vial’s ability to speak Japanese made this visit extra meaningful.

State Archives has a new exhibit, “Booze, Bars, and the Boot”, looking into the history of prohibition in Oregon. The exhibit includes an impressive array of mugshots, and stories of inmates who were incarcerated in the Oregon State Penitentiary for prohibition related crimes. The Oregon Archives is open to the public.

Small Business Advocacy
Earlier this month the Secretary of State’s Small Business Advocacy Office Director Ruth Miles, in conjunction with the Department of Administrative Services, and the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity facilitated and organized the Governor’s Marketplace. This event gives small business around the state access to resources, services, and key contacts to help business grow.
The next stops for the Governor’s Marketplace roadshow are Burns on July 24, and Ontario on July 25. For more information, click here.

Visiting County Clerks
Recently I visited County Clerks in Multnomah, Polk, Marion, Jefferson, Deschutes, and Crook County elections offices. I was able to learn about how each county handles counting ballots and ensuring accuracy. The counties in Oregon vary greatly in population and resources, however each county takes election security and accuracy seriously.

Representative Mike McLane
Representative Mike McLane was recently appointed as judge to the Jefferson and Crook County Circuit Court. This appointment is well deserved. I am pleased that someone who understands the needs of rural communities east of the Cascades has been appointed to the circuit court. McLane will take the oath of office for the 22nd Judicial District based in Prineville after the legislature adjourns.

Senator Jackie Winters
My dear friend and former colleague, Senator Jackie Winters recently passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. I knew Jackie for many years, and she was a force to be reckoned with in the state capitol. She had a knack for working across the aisle and accomplishing so much in true bipartisan manner. At her memorial service last week many speakers shared their stories and memoires of Senator Winters, and shared how she has inspired so many to work hard and be their better selves. At the memorial service Governor Brown announced that the new dormitory at the Oregon Youth Challenge campus in Bend will be named in her honor. Her presence and tenacity will be missed around the Oregon State Capitol. The impact she left on Oregon will be remembered for generations to come

World War II Veteran Bob Maxwell
A memorial service for World War II veteran Robert “Bob” Maxwell was held recently in Redmond. About 900 vets, family and friends, including church members, and politicians said goodbye to our Central Oregon American Hero. He was the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. He was one of the greatest of the greatest generation. He received full military honors at the Terrebonne Cemetery. The legacy Bob leaves behind is immense. He did so much with his life, and his dedication to this country and his community is one to be admired.

Memorial for Ken Austin
Included in the duties of the Secretary of State are appropriate appearances at the memorial services of citizens who have made significant contributions to our state such as the event for Bob Maxwell discussed earlier. Sadly, at the same time as the Bob Maxwell memorial, the state was also mourning the loss of Ken Austin of Newberg. Ken and Joan Austin were the co-founders and owners of A-dec, the world’s largest manufacturer of dental operatory equipment.

Representing the Secretary of State at Ken’s memorial was Deputy Secretary Rich Vial. He had the opportunity to deliver a message of condolence from Secretary Clarno to the Austin Family.

The memorial, organized in part with the efforts of Oregon Historical Society Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk highlighted the contributions of this remarkable family, and was a true celebration of life. To read more about the Austin’s, you may wish to review the OHS website here.

Dave Frohnmayer bench dedication
A beautiful bench was recently dedicated in honor of former Oregon Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer. Dave served in the Oregon House of Representatives from 1975 until 1981, then as Attorney General from 1981-1991, and finally went on to be the president of the University of Oregon from 1994-2009. I had the honor of serving with Dave for several years while I was in the Capitol. His leadership and service to the state had a great impact on all of our lives.

Also attending the dedication was former Governor Ted Kulongoski.

Bev Clarno



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