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DAS can improve efforts to enhance transparency & promote lawmakers’ ability to make informed decisions
Salem, OR—Today, Secretary of State Bev Clarno released an audit report highlighting three areas in which the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) can improve efforts to enhance transparency and promote lawmakers’ ability to make informed decisions about how taxpayer dollars are spent. The findings are outlined in the report entitled: “Enhanced Transparency in Key Budget Practices Would Improve Government and Inform Decision-Making for State Spending.”

“Legislators and the public need to know how agencies use taxpayer dollars,” said Secretary of State Bev Clarno. “As the administrative function for the state, DAS’s oversight of and guidance to agencies can help enhance the quality and availability of this information. I believe these 16 recommendations will help enhance Oregon’s transparency efforts.” While we sincerely appreciate the cooperation extended by DAS during the audit, government auditing standards require a response when an audited entity’s comments are inconsistent or in conflict with the findings, conclusions, or recommendations in the report. We have included a rebuttal to the agency’s response at the end of our report, which is intended to provide additional information and context for citizens and stakeholders.

Read the full report on the Secretary of State website:

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