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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown released the following statement calling for a special session regarding ambiguity around Senate Bill 1013:

“Based on the clarification by the Oregon Department of Justice, it is clear there is a misunderstanding about the intent of the words in Senate Bill 1013. Given the seriousness of the issues that we’re dealing with and the impact on victims and their families, I think it’s critically important that there be clarity about the law.

"I will support a statutory fix to address the misunderstanding regarding the bill’s retroactivity. I’ve spoken to Senator Prozanski and I’m willing to support a special session. I expect legislators to work with stakeholders and legislators across the aisle and around the state to craft the language and get the votes. Should that be accomplished, I will call a special session before the end of September, and the session needs to be focused on this narrow issue.”


Chris Pair
Kate Kondayen
Elections & Voting