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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown today released the following statement regarding the resignation of Public Records Advocate Ginger McCall:

"The allegations made today by Ginger are a surprise to both me and my Chief of Staff. I find the fact that this situation has reached the point where she feels the need to resign deeply regrettable. Had Ginger reached out to me sooner, I would have put my efforts into addressing her concerns and avoiding her resignation. The continued reform of public records law in Oregon hinges on the success of the Public Records Advocate and the Public Records Council that my office created.

"I agree with Ginger that the Public Records Advocate should be truly independent. I look forward to meeting with Ginger immediately to hear directly from her how the Council will develop recommendations to the legislature to create a truly independent position.

"It appears this is a situation where staff were conflicted between the goals of serving the Governor and promoting the cause of transparency. Let me be clear, there should be no conflict."


Chris Pair
Kate Kondayen