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Salem, OR—Today is National Voter Registration Day, a day to raise awareness for voter registration opportunities and to register as many eligible voters as possible. It is promoted by officials at all levels of government and across the political spectrum, including Secretaries of State and state and local election administrators.

“I encourage every eligible Oregonian to be registered to vote. Our democracy works best when more citizens are engaged,” said Secretary of State Bev Clarno.

Although Oregon is a national leader in voter registration efforts, with over 90% of eligible Oregonians registered to vote, today is a great opportunity to reach out to those who have not yet registered. For Oregonians who are already registered to vote, today is also a good day for them to check their registration at, to make sure that their address and party preference are current.

“There will be many groups trying to register people to vote today, and in the coming months. Some of the groups are well intentioned, and others are trying to obtain personal information,” said Elections Director Steve Trout. “In the past, some sites have failed to forward information to us, which meant that people did not get registered. To ensure that their registration takes place, Oregonians should only trust our official website to register to vote.”

When Oregonians register at the Secretary of State’s official website,, they can have confidence that their registration will become active and that their personal data will not be used for commercial purposes.



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