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Portland, OR—Governor Kate Brown today issued the following statement on calling a special legislative session:

"I am very grateful for the thoughtful and important work of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response. The committee has surfaced many important issues being faced across Oregon by this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

"My top priority is the health and safety of all Oregonians, as well as protecting their livelihoods through this crisis. Right now, the state is focused on expanding hospital bed capacity, increasing testing capacity, and procuring personal protective equipment so we can safely treat those who fall ill. We are also working together to ensure Oregonians can economically survive during these difficult times.

"The federal government’s recently passed CARES Act should bring significant, critically-needed financial resources to Oregon as we continue to face this public health crisis. The CARES Act includes investments in essential medical supplies, expanded unemployment insurance, and increased support for small businesses.

"We want to make sure our scarce state dollars are focused on filling in gaps left by the federal stimulus package, not duplicating efforts. Once we have sufficient clarity about the federal stimulus, I will call a special session and ask lawmakers to take further action. In the meantime, my team is reviewing the policy changes recommended by the legislative committee to determine which are the most urgent and which can be accomplished through other means."

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