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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown released the following statement upon learning of the passing of Rep. Mitch Greenlick today:

"Representative Mitch Greenlick dedicated his career to fighting for Oregonians to have a better life,” said Governor Brown. “A fierce advocate for expanding health care, he championed initiatives that helped push our state forward, including extending the Oregon Health Plan for low-income and underserved communities. His tireless efforts around justice reform were critical to the passage of key legislation through the years to bring equal treatment under the law to all Oregonians. He was a professor, an educator, and a citizen legislator. Smart as a whip and with a heart of gold, he was a true Lion of the House. We will all greatly miss him. Dan and my hearts are with Harriet and his family as they mourn his passing."


Liz Merah
Nikki Fisher
Charles Boyle