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Statewide, OR—The Oregon State Legislature has made permanent the fee increase for inspection compliance certificates required for vehicle registrations in the Portland and Medford-Ashland areas. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality put them into effect last year with the approval of the Environmental Quality Commission, the agency’s policy and rulemaking board.

Portland-area vehicle owners will not see their inspection fee change, since the $4 increase was implemented last year, moving the biennial payment from $21 to $25. However, the inspection fee for vehicles owned in the Medford-Ashland area will move from $15 to $20, a $5 increase, as of today, July 1. This is the final step in a two-phase process, which saw fees rise from $10 to $15 in June 2020.

“We are pleased the Oregon State Legislature has recognized the Vehicle Inspection Program is an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce emissions, and we appreciate their support,” said Ali Mirzakhalili, DEQ’s Air Quality administrator. “By making the fee increase permanent, we can continue to provide our high level of customer service, while also preparing for future technological improvements.”

The updated fees support investments in the Vehicle Inspection Program’s critical work in combating the negative effects of vehicle emissions. In Oregon, motor vehicles are the largest contributors to pollution, which consists of ozone (or smog), nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and various toxic pollutants, like benzene and acetaldehyde. The program protects those living in Oregon by requiring five-year-old and older vehicles in the Portland and Medford-Ashland areas undergo a test prior to DMV registration every two years. This ensures emission control systems keep pollution levels within the Environmental Protection Agency’s allowable standards. The Vehicle Inspection Program also partners with state and federal authorities in tackling testing fraud and unlawful vehicle modifications.

Over nearly three years, DEQ worked with the Environmental Quality Commission, stakeholders and the Oregon State Legislature to examine and adjust fees for the Vehicle Inspection Program. These are the first fee increases undertaken since 1997.

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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality protects human health and the environment by controlling air and water pollution, reducing the impacts of manufactured products and cleaning up contaminated properties. DEQ engages the public in decision-making and helps communities solve problems in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

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