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Salem, OR—The Bootleg, Jack, and Grandview wildfires have sparked several evacuation orders. The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has wildfire insurance resources: available to help people in each evacuation level.

Completing these tasks can help save you and your family time, money, and stress before, during, and after a wildfire.

Level 3 evacuation: If you receive the level 3 order, leave your home as soon as possible.
• When it is safe, let your insurance company know that you have been ordered to evacuate. Confirm your policy coverage, deductible, and specific coverage limits.
• Save all receipts. Many insurance companies will help cover expenses such as lodging, food, and pet boarding.
• Work on a home inventory list.
o Look through photos and videos to help recall personal items. Pay close attention to what is in the background and look for smaller items, such as jewelry.
o To the best of your ability, write down the age, original cost, and replacement cost of each item.

Level 1 and 2 evacuation:
• Contact your insurance company to check your policy.
o Ask about deductible and specific coverage limits
o Ask about auto coverage. You need comprehensive coverage on your vehicle to cover damage caused by a wildfire.
• Make a quick home inventory.
o Take photos of each room in your home. Do not forget storage areas, such as the attic, shed, and garage.
o Check your insurance company’s website for an app or checklist that will help.
• Build a financial backpack.
o Gather important financial documents, such as passports, Social Security cards, insurance policies, titles, deeds, and financial accounts.
o Make copies or scan them to your phone or computer.
• Place all of the information with your go-bag of emergency supplies so this information is with you when you need to evacuate.

Outside of evacuation zone: The time to prepare is now.

Follow the disaster preparedness tips provided by the division at

More resources are available on the division’s wildfire insurance resources page:

If you have questions about insurance coverage, speak to your insurance company or agent. If you still have questions or concerns, the Division of Financial Regulation consumer advocacy team can help.
• Call 888-877-4894 (toll-free)
• Email
• Visit


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