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Read: "Let's all work together to end this pandemic"
Salem, OR—State Treasurer Tobias Read issued the following statement on the Covid vaccine mandate for Oregon state employees.

“I believe every person capable of getting the Covid vaccine should do so as quickly as possible. The vaccine is the safest, most effective way to stop this disease, get our kids back to school safely, help our small businesses keep their doors open, and protect our immune-compromised neighbors.

“As neighbors, as a community, as family, and as state employees, now is the time to step up for one another. We have an urgent need to reduce the spread of Covid. Even with more than 2.3 million Oregonians already vaccinated, this is not a step that should be taken lightly. But as public servants, it’s our job to protect the public. Requiring our workforce to be vaccinated protects those we serve from unnecessary exposure and risk. And it improves our ability to perform the work that Oregonians expect from us.

“This pandemic has tested us in a number of ways. It’s dangerous for us to stop seeing each other as fellow Oregonians with shared dreams and interests. Being hesitant and cautious about any required health procedure is understandable. And no one should be shamed for wanting to make the best decision for their loved ones. But there are ways for Oregonians to get their questions answered by qualified health care professionals who can confirm that the vaccine is safe, effective, and the best way to reduce the risk of serious disease. If you have questions about Covid vaccines, talk to your doctor or to a health care provider you trust. Let’s all work together to end this pandemic.”

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