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First three episodes explore past, present and future of air quality and wildfire smoke
Statewide, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on Tuesday launched a podcast called GreenState, creating a new information pathway for the agency and the public.

GreenState kicks off with a three-part series about air quality and wildfire smoke in Oregon. In the “Where There’s Smoke” series, GreenState looks at the past, present and future of air quality and wildfire smoke in light of recent smoky summers throughout the state. The first two episodes are available through SoundCloud and most anywhere you get your podcasts, and the third episode will be available in mid-September.

DEQ public affairs specialists Lauren Wirtis and Dylan Darling host GreenState and will use the podcast to take deep dives into issues that affect the quality of Oregon’s air, land and water. The show will include voices from DEQ, other agencies and more.

“This is one more way we are reaching the public with some excellent and useful information,” said DEQ Communications Manager Harry Esteve. “Podcasts are becoming one of the most popular ways to learn more about the world, and we are happy to contribute.”

Have questions about the environment and how the state protects Oregon’s air, land and water? Call or email GreenState at 503-451-0585 or To learn more go to .

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Lauren Wirtis, DEQ Northwest Region public affairs specialist, 503-568-3295,

Dylan Darling, DEQ Western Region public affairs specialist, 541-600-6119,


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