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Salem, OR—Clackamas County announced on Wednesday, May 4, that an issue with an external printer, resulting in defective barcodes, will force the County to take additional measures to accurately tally ballots in the May 2022 primary election. The issue is limited to Clackamas County, which uses a different printing company than other Oregon counties. For additional context, please see this press release from the County.

The following is a statement from Oregon Elections Division Director Deborah Scroggin:

"Clackamas County notified us of an issue with their ballots. The Secretary of State’s office intends to work with the County to ensure that every vote is accurately tallied and reported.

To that end, we have directed the County to take the following steps:

1. Follow the procedures for ballot duplication as laid out in the Vote By Mail Manual (p. 38).

2. Invite the county’s U.S. Elections Assistance Commission-certified voting system vendor to review the duplication process to ensure it is conducted according to system requirements.

3. Work with Oregon Elections Division to ensure accurate results are reported to the state. This includes development of a process to ensure accuracy of large-scale ballot duplication as well as measures to demonstrate accurate, consistent duplication practices.

4. Dedicate additional designated staff to the normal process of hand recounts following the election. This process helps counties verify accurate results and is required by law (ORS 254.529).

Clackamas County voters should know that they do not need to take any action. Voters should return their ballots through the mail or to a drop site as they normally would."

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