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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown today announced that D.R. Johnson, a family-owned Southern Oregon timber company, is now the nation’s first supplier of a certified structural wood product known as cross-laminated timber, or CLT. The massive panels of engineered wood are used to build taller wooden buildings.

“CLT presents a new and exciting opportunity for Oregon. Expanding new industries and innovative technologies like advanced wood manufacturing will help reinvigorate our rural, timber-focused economies,” Governor Brown said at Oregon BEST FEST, ,an annual clean tech innovation conference in Portland.

The Governor’s announcement included two additional strategies to establish Oregon as the national leader in CLT manufacturing.

A design competition to promote the use of CLT:
To encourage more developers to use cross-laminated timber, the State of Oregon and its partners will host a design competition with $200,000 in funding and services: The competition is co-sponsored by Oregon BEST and a new collaborative partnership between Oregon State University and University of Oregon, the National Center for Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing and Design.

Business loan to support a new production line:
To introduce the manufacturing technology to rural Oregon, Business Oregon, the state’s economic development agency, will make a $100,000 loan to D.R. Johnson. The loan will be used to offset the fixed costs of building out the new production line. The funding follows a $150,000 investment made last fall through Oregon BEST to support CLT research at Oregon State University, and development of the production process at D.R. Johnson.

About cross-laminated timber:
Made of laminated dimensional lumber, CLT panels are 10 feet wide by up to 60 feet long and between 4 inches and 10 inches thick. D.R. Johnson is producing 24-foot-long panels that will be used at four construction projects in Oregon. Although CLT has been produced in Europe for years, D.R. Johnson is the first United States manufacturer.

About D.R. Johnson Co:
Founded in 1951 in Riddle, the family-owned company produces large-dimension wood products, posts, beams and planks. Its subsidiary, Riddle Laminators, manufactures structural glue-laminated beams and cross-laminated timber. Since founder D.R. Johnson’s death in 2010, the company is now managed by the founder’s daughters Valerie Johnson and Jodi Westbrooks.


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