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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown announced today that Brian Shipley, her chief of staff, stepped down from the Governor's Office effective at 10:00 a.m. this morning.

“Brian's dedication, compassion, and keen understanding of state government were an incredible asset to the state,” Governor Brown said. “He stepped up to serve at a unique and difficult time for the state, and I will be forever grateful to him personally for his dedication and his hard work.”

The Governor also announced that her new chief of staff will be Kristen Leonard, the Director of Public Affairs at the Port of Portland. Prior to joining the Port, Leonard was owner and operator of C&E Systems, a Portland-based company specializing in government relations, financial services, and software development. Leonard is well known and respected in Salem, where in addition to working with legislators, she also served as vice president of the Oregon Capitol Club. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Arizona.

“I am honored that Kristen Leonard has answered the call to serve in this very difficult job," Governor Brown said. "I am highly confident that both I and the people of Oregon will benefit from her experience, judgment, and commitment to public service."

In order to preserve clear responsibility and decision-making, the Governor has asked Kristen Grainger, communications director, to serve as acting chief of staff until Leonard wraps up existing Port responsibilities.


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