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The Dalles, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and AmeriTies West have signed a Mutual Agreement and Order to reduce the amount of odors coming from a wood-preserving facility in The Dalles. AmeriTies West manufactures railroad ties using a creosote mixture at 100 Tie Plant Road.

View the MAO:

The voluntary and enforceable agreement documents steps the company will take to reduce odors, including best work practices, odor-control measures and enforceable milestones. The agreement requires the company to evaluate odor-reduction actions and report back to DEQ on how successful the action was in reducing odors.

AmeriTies-West has been a part of DEQ's Odor Nuisance Strategy since February 2015. DEQ can implement the strategy on permitted sources based on odor complaints received from the public. Over the past year, DEQ has gathered information from the company, conducted odor surveys in The Dalles and negotiated the odor reduction agreement.

As part of the strategy, DEQ and Amerities-West created an odor action plan. These measures pertain to facility operations and include the scrubber, drip pad, product-stacking and the product formula used to treat the ties. The company has already implemented a number of odor control measures outlined in the plan.

DEQ will independently assess the effectiveness of AmeriTies West's odor reduction actions by conducting odor surveys in The Dalles. If odors remain above pre-determined levels, the company could be required to take additional actions to reduce odors.

DEQ is planning a public meeting to discuss the agreement and other issues related to AmeriTies-West. DEQ will publicize meeting details as soon as the time, date and location are confirmed.

For more information view the agency's webpage on AmeriTies-West at

Mark Bailey, Air Quality Manager, Bend,, 541-633-2006

Greg Svelund, Public Affairs Specialist, Bend,, 541-633-2008


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