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Oregon youth presented Governor petition of support
Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown today observed Earth Day alongside dozens of Oregonian students, who rallied at the Capitol to celebrate the momentum for bold climate action in Oregon this legislative session.

"In Oregon, every day is Earth Day, and I’m excited to take this moment to highlight all the important work we’re doing about protecting our climate," said Governor Brown. "Climate change threatens our communities, our economy, our ecosystems, and our way of life in Oregon. My agenda this session is about our children’s futures—they deserve to be able to count on a good education, good jobs, and clean air. We have to make sure that future generations inherit an Oregon as beautiful and bountiful as the one we know and love today."

The climate crisis is the largest threat facing our planet. Oregon’s cap-and-invest bill, which is the most ambitious climate legislation in the country this year, makes Oregon a national leader in the clean energy economy and climate protection. The Governor also recently signed a ban on offshore oil drilling in Oregon's coastal waters, and has introduced the Oregon Environmental Protection Act to continue protections for clean air and clean water in spite of federal environmental rollbacks.

The youth presented Governor Kate Brown with a petition signed by 1,000 young people from across the state cheering her support for the cap-and-invest legislation (House Bill 2020) in 2019.



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