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STATEWIDE, OR—NOTE: A corrected press release was issued on Oct. 16, 2019. To read that release, go to

The Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission filed temporary rules on Oct. 11 that put into effect Gov. Kate Brown’s Oct. 4 executive order banning the sale of all flavored vaping products in the state.

The temporary rules, which will remain in effect for six months starting Oct. 15, prohibit the sale of all flavored vaping products to consumers in Oregon. The ban covers all tobacco and cannabis (marijuana and hemp) vaping products that contain natural or artificial flavors. Learn more about the temporary rules by reading the OHA/OLCC news release:


The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality recommends that individuals who choose to dispose of e-liquids or vape pens take steps to ensure that they are disposed of properly. Nicotine vape pens and e-liquids should be taken to a facility that accepts household hazardous waste. A list of household hazardous waste collection facilities by county can be found online at or by calling (toll-free) 800-732-9253 or 503-234-3000. Cannabis vape pens and e-liquids should be taken to a drug take back location. Individuals can find drug take back locations at this link:

Individuals who cannot take these items to a household hazardous waste facility or drug take back location can dispose of them in the regular trash. However, consumers should remove the batteries for recycling. DEQ recommends visiting the call2Recycle website, which provides battery collection locations, including retail outlets such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Staples, Best Buy and Walmart.


DEQ recommends that retailers return unused products to the manufacturer or producer. Retailers are not required to return unused products and may keep them until next steps are determined after the six-month ban.

Retailers and manufacturers that wish to dispose of vape pens and e-liquids themselves will need to identify whether some of these items are hazardous waste and ensure they dispose of their waste properly. The DEQ hazardous waste technical assistance program staff can help retailers and manufacturers figure out how to tell which types of waste they have and what their options are for disposal. Contact information for the technical assistance program is available at:

Media Contact: Lauren Wirtis, DEQ Public Affairs Specialist, 503-229-6488,


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