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Eugene, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has finalized a cleanup plan for contamination at J.H. Baxter, a wood treatment facility in Eugene.

The groundwater and soil cleanup plan for J.H. Baxter includes maintaining a groundwater treatment system to prevent contamination from spreading off site; regular sampling; and addressing contaminated soil on site. Cleanup of contaminated groundwater at J.H. Baxter has been underway since the 1990s. The 31-acre site at 85 Baxter St. in west Eugene, just south of Roosevelt Boulevard, has been a wood treatment facility since the early 1940s.

Spills over the decades have left groundwater and soil contaminated. Pentachlorophenol has contaminated groundwater. In addition, dioxins, furans, arsenic and two components of creosote have contaminated soil. J.H. Baxter took interim measures in the 1990s to address the contamination, including improving operating procedures, installing a groundwater extraction system, removing contaminated soil, and creating an inventory of all pumping wells in the area to ensure no drinking water use. The cleanup plan builds on those measures, making them permanent and fully addressing remaining soil contamination through the installation of a stabilization cover over the ground and a liner in the stormwater pond.

The plan is in the Record of Decision and is available in DEQ’s Environmental Cleanup Site Information database at (search Site ID 55). In the Record of Decision, DEQ also responded to public comments received in May and June about the proposed cleanup plan. (see Appendix C)

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Photo caption: J.H. Baxter, a wood treatment facility in west Eugene as seen on Oct. 18, 2019. [Dylan Darling/DEQ]

Contact: Dylan Darling, DEQ, 541-686-7997,



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