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Sheridan, OR—Contractors hired by Stella-Jones have been working diligently on the cleanup of a release of diesel-containing wood preservative that occurred in August at the Stella-Jones wood-treating facility in Sheridan.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Sheridan and Stella-Jones continue to work together to lead the response. A mixture of diesel and dichlorooctylisothiazolinone (DCOI) released from a retort, or treating vessel, at the Stella-Jones facility on Aug. 21. The preservative is composed of approximately 97 percent diesel and three percent DCOI. An estimated 2,400 gallons of the preservative either released past secondary containment, with most having extended onto gravel or pooled on a concrete pad at the facility or entered the City of Sheridan’s sewer system.

Cleanup crews with Clean Harbors, an environmental cleanup contractor, removed the preservative from more than two miles of sanitary sewer pipe and every catch basin connected to it between the Stella-Jones facility and the wastewater plant on Sheridan Road. Additionally, the sanitary sewer system piping was inspected by a camera system to ensure that no preservative remained in the sewer line. Testing by a third-party laboratory has found that there has been no impact to the primary sewage lagoon at the Sheridan Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The wastewater plant is roughly two miles from the Stella-Jones facility. The City of Sheridan’s sewer treatment plant processes about 500,000 gallons of wastewater per day. During summertime the city does not discharge into the South Yamhill River, instead the treated wastewater is land applied on agricultural grass fields. Testing of wastewater by a third-party contractor is ongoing.

While the release did not enter the South Yamhill River, third-party river water sampling is ongoing as a precaution. Water sampling to date has not found any indication of the release downstream of the Stella-Jones facility in the South Yamhill River. Oregon Health Authority evaluated the sample results and determined there is not a threat to public drinking water supplies.

The bulk of the cleanup involved excavation of contaminated soil at the facility. Crews dug up about 500 cubic yards of soil. The soil is currently stored safely on site and contained, under regulation by DEQ and EPA, until it can be properly disposed of at a treatment facility designed to process this particular waste.

DEQ, EPA, the City of Sheridan and Stella-Jones have and continue to work in close collaboration to ensure a rapid remediation, while prioritizing the health and safety of the surrounding community.
The Stella-Jones facility in Sheridan produces treated wood poles for electrical utilities and telecommunication companies. The facility is located at 22125 SW Rock Creek Road in Sheridan.

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