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In General
These guidelines are designed to assist registered interns in meeting the requirements of registration. The Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists expects all registered interns to document the required experience and supervision according to its rules and instructions.

Changes to Plans
When approving a Plan for Supervised Work Experience, the Board agrees to accept clinical experience hours as meeting the licensing standards. If an intern accrues hours under conditions that were not part of the approved plan, the Board will not accept the hours.
Know the terms and conditions of your plan (that the Board approved):
  1. Date of approval
  2. Place of practice
  3. Supervisor
  4. Level of supervision: frequency and duration of both individual and group supervision
  5. Projected ending date

File a Plan Change/Modification Form, if your situation that affects any of the terms is changed or is about to change. Plan changes may include filing a completely new plan.

While registered, hours completed outside an approved plan or under conditions not set forth in the plan, will not be accepted toward licensure. Hours accrued between the time of actual change and approval of changes will not be accepted.

While Registered...
Report all hours on the forms provided by the Board at six month intervals. Even if you had no hours during the six month period, submit a report.  The form must contain original signatures and should reasonably show compliance with the terms of the contract. Reports are due during the month following the six-month reporting period.
Prior to registration (or as soon as possible afterward), submit any pre-plan/registration hours (pre-degree hours for LPC only) that you want the Board to consider. 
  • Have the graduate school submit graduate program direct client contact hours on a Form 2A.
  • Have the supervisor of post-graduate/pre-plan registration hours submit a Form #2.
Have the college or university submit directly to the Board an official transcript and course descriptions for any additional coursework the Board identified as needed for licensure.
Become familiar with the Board's Code of Ethics: OAR Chapter 833, Division 100.
Distribute a professional disclosure statement (PDS) to clients.
  • Keep it accurate and current
  • Submit revised PDS to Board within 30 days of change for approval.
  • The Board will notify you if the statement cannot be approved

Registration must be renewed annually.
  • Renewal must take place annually based on the month in which you were initially registered.
  • Notices are sent as a courtesy about 30 days/but no more than 45 days prior to expiration. Obtaining the required form and renewing before expiration occurs is your responsibility.
Having an accurate PDS and current evaluations on file are conditions for renewal.
Failure to renew will result in expiration of registration and closure of application.

  • Unapproved replacement plans will be given limited time to correct problems and obtain approval.
  • New registration may be sought if termination of registration occurs within the first year.
  • If registration is terminated after one year from initial application, your application will be closed.
If your application is closed, you may attempt a new application; however, this may not be approved. Contact the Board office to inquire about re-application.
  • Re-application will be under rules in place at time of re-application, rather than according to original application.