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Consumer Complaint

Consumer Concerns

Our Consumer Complaint Form is made so you can type into it.
Type in your information and then press the "TAB" key to go to the next data input field on the form.  We would like to encourage you to use your key pad to input your information into this form to make it clear and concise.


Complaint Process - Instructions  
Consumer Complaint Form - (Fill This Out - Then Email or Mail it into our office.)  
The Board investigates all complaints filed to the Board.  These complaints may come from various sources including patients/clients, family members, other health professionals, hospitals and employers. 

The Board strongly encourages complaints to be submitted in writing, preferably using the Board's complaint form listed above.  However, the Board will accept complaints verbally, if filing a written complaint is impractical or would create undue delay.  When submitting a complaint to the Board, please be as specific as possible.

Complaint files are confidential.  The name of the person filing the complaint is NOT publicly disclosed.

The Board will review the complaint to determine whether the complaint falls within the Board's area of jurisdiction.

If the Board finds the complaint does not fall within the Board’s jurisdiction, the Board will advise the complainant and may refer the complaint to other appropriate state or professional organizations for review.

If the complaint falls within the Board’s authority, the Board will investigate to determine whether there has been a violation of statutes/rules.

The Following Questions Are Only Meant to Be Guidelines When Submitting Information Out Your Consumer Complaint.  It is "NOT" Necessary to have an answer to every question. 

  • Who:
    • Who committed the actions you are reporting?
    • Who was the victim(s)?
    • Who discovered the incident/behavior?
    • Who else was involved?
    • Who else was in the vicinity?
  • What:
    • What happened?
    • What actions were performed by the Medical Imaging Licensee / Permittee?
    • What equipment was involved?
  • Where:
    • Where did the incident/behavior occur?
    • Where was the incident discovered?
    • Where were the witnesses (if any) during the incident?
  • When:
    • When did the incident/behavior occur?
    • When were supervisors/authorities notified?
  • How:
    • How was the incident committed?
    • How was the incident/behavior discovered?
    • How much damage was done?

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