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Renewal Information
General Information
To avoid late fees your renewal must be completed by the first day of the month that it expires
If you plan on moving to another state and then returning to Oregon in a few years, it is best to leave your license in active status until renewal time.  Be sure that you update your address with the Board.  Once renewal time comes around, place your license into inactive status.  Call the Board when you return to Oregon or you wish to reactivate your license.

Active License
As a courtesy, the OBMT issues license renewal reminder postcards to the mailing address on file.  However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the LMT to be sure that they have obtained a renewal form from the OBMT web site or renewed online prior to their due date.  A reminder postcard should be mailed approximately six weeks prior to the renewal due date. We suggest you mark your calendar for your renewal period. If you choose not to renew online prior to your birth month, you can print the renewal form from our web site, at http://www.oregon.gov/OBMT/forms.shtml. 
By signing the form or submitting the form electronically, you are confirming that you have taken and supplied verification of the required CE. Forms received after the 1st of the month due must include a $25 per week late fee up to a maximum of $250.

Inactive License
You may request Inactive status at the time of your renewal by completing the renewal form and submitting the appropriate fee. 
You may not practice or advertise for massage while in Inactive status. 

Reactivation of License
At the time of reactivation from lapsed or inactive status you will be required to provide the appropriate licensing fee, completed fingerprint card and fee, proof of current CPR and proof of CE hours reflective of the number of CE hours required at the time of each renewal period, up to a maximum of 50 CE hours.
An individual that has been lapsed or a combination of lapsed/inactive for 6 consecutive years or greater must, in addition, successfully pass the practical examination.

Lapsed License
Licenses not renewed by the expiration date shall become Lapsed. It is illegal to practice or advertise massage with a Lapsed license. A license that has been Lapsed for more than 3 years becomes Expired requiring you to apply as a new applicant.

Continuing Education
25 hours of continuing education are required at renewal time. It must be completed during that license period with the exception of contact hours which may be carried over for one renewal. Continuing education requirements do not apply to a massage therapist's first renewal. For complete information see rule OAR 334-010-0050 and the Continuing Education Submittal Form.

Please see the renewal schedule and CE Submittal form for further clarification.
Hold on to your proof of continuing education. As of January 1, 2012 you only need to record the CE information in the online renewal system. The Board will then perform CE reviews and if you are selected you will be required to submit the hard copies of your continuing education to the Board office.
Failure to provide the CE information in an audit could result in Board discipline.

Continuing Education Review Process
The Board is now preforming reviews of continuing education listed on your renewal.
If selected for a continuing education review, you will receive notification in the mail requesting verification of your listed continuing education hours and CPR card. We must receive verification in our office within 30 days; you may fax, mail, scan & email or hand deliver your documents to the Board office.
If your documents do not align with what is listed on your renewal or if you fail to provide the required documents in the allotted timeframe, this could result in Board discipline.
This review will not delay the issuance of your license.