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Common Questions: for the Consumer

Q: How do I know if my doctor is a licensed Naturopathic physician?
A: You can check our "Find a Physician" link to verfy licensure.  You can also contact this office for a verbal verification.

Q: Can I find out if there are any formal complaints or actions taken against a doctor I want to go see?
A: Complaint information is not discloseable in order to protect the complainant and the doctor should the complaint not be substantiated.  The Board does not give out information on complaints unless there has been formal action taken by the Board.  This information is public.

Q: I looked up a ND's license on your website and noticed that it says, "The board has taken disciplinary action against this license."  What does that mean?
A: That means that the Board has issued formal discipline on the license of the practitioner.  Any formal discipline issued by the Board is public information and can be obtained by calling the Board office and requesting a copy of the disciplinary order.

Q: How do I make a complaint about a Naturopathic physician?
A: You may contact the Board office to talk with the Director/Investigator and request a complaint form, or you may download one from our web site, and forward it to this office.  The Board will provide you with a copy of the complaint process at that time.
Q: Will my complaint be kept confidential?
A: Generally, your name and your complaint will be kept confidential.  The ND will not know who made the complaint against him/her; except for what is needed by the Board to aid in their investigation.
Q: How long does it take to process a complaint?
A: There is no time line for processing a complaint.  Once an investigation has been initiated, it is a time consuming process.  The complainant will be notified of the result of the Board's investigation.
Q: Can I obtain a mailing list of Oregon licensed Naturopaths?
A: Yes, you can get a mailing list for licensed naturopathic physicians, as a list, peel and stick labels, or on disk.  The application, which must be completed and sent to the Board office with the appropriate fee, can be downloaded from the web site (under forms) or you can contact the Board office to send one to you.  Allow ten days for the receipt of this information once your request has been received in the Board office.  Note: OBNM implicitly considers you knowledgeable in manipulating the file format that you order for a list.  Unless the file is corrupt or the disk is damaged when received, we do not have time to assist you in manipulating the file.
Q: Do I have a right to a copy of my patient records? 
A: Yes, ORS 192.553-192.581 states the requirements for the disclosure following a written request, for your medical records.  This can be found at the Oregon web site:  http://www.oregonlegislature.gov
Q: Is it legal for my Naturopathic physician to tell me he/she will not see me any more? 
A: Yes, the doctor is free to end the doctor/patient relationship at any time, just as the patient is.
Q: How do I find my records if my doctor has retired or moved?
A: There is no central storage for patient records, but the retiring/moving ND should have notified you with the name of the person taking over the practice.
Q: Can a ND practice in Oregon with a license from another state?
A: No, to practice naturopathic medicine in Oregon the practitioner must hold an active license in Oregon.
Q: Can you refer me to a naturopath that works in a particular location and/or uses specific modalities?
A: No, the Board is not a referral service.  You can look up licensees by location on the OBNM web site.  However, you need to call either the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) or the American Association of Naturopathic Physician (AANP) to get a referral based on treatment modalities.  You can contact OANP at (503)262-8586 or use the web site www.oanp.org; or the AANP at (866)538-2267 or visit their web site at www.naturopathic.org.
Q: What can a Naturopathic physician prescribe?
A: Oregon licensed naturopaths can prescribe and/or purchase any substance listed in OAR 850-020-0225, Naturopathic Formulary Compendium.  You can obtain a copy of this from the OBNM web site on the statute/rules page or you can call our office and request a copy.
Q: Are Naturopathic physicians authorized to prescribe medical marijuana for patients?
A: No, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act states that an "attending physician means a physician licensed under ORS Chapter 677.  MDs and DOs are licensed under that statute.  Rules on Medical Marijuana can be found at OAR 333, Division 8
Q: Does a ND need a special certificate or license to do minor surgery and major surgery?
A: It is not within the scope of practice for NDs to do major surgery.  Naturopathic physicians do not need a special certificate to do minor surgery only.
Q: What is the difference between minor surgery and major surgery?
A: Minor surgery is noninvasive; major surgery is invasive to the body cavity.
Q: I want to try to have my baby at home.  Does a ND need a special certificate or license to do childbirths?
A: Yes, a ND must hold a certification in Natural Childbirth before providing a patient with prenatal care and delivery.
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