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Common Questions: Naturopathic Physicians
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Q: Do I need a special certificate or license, in addition to a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number to prescribe controlled substances?
A: Your DEA registration is sufficient to prescribe controlled substances that are within the scope of practice and listed on the formulary compendium.
Q:   Is there some place to find information on DEA regulations of Controlled Substances?
   You can find information at the Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration.
Q:   Do I need to be practicing in Oregon to apply for DEA registration?
   Issuance of a DEA registration to prescribe controlled substances is predicated on successfully completing all of the requirements imposed by the state in which the practitioner will conduct business and obtaining a state license.
Q:  What if I have a DEA registration and move to another state to practice. Can I use my Oregon license and DEA registration to prescribe for new patients?
A:  No, you must be conducting business in Oregon to use your DEA registration.
Q: If I hold a DEA registration, can I dispense drug samples to my patients?
A: Yes, if you are dispensing samples at no charge.
Q: I am filling out my DEA application. What are the schedules that Oregon NDs can prescribe?
A: The schedules are II, IIN, III, IIIN, IV, and V. (See OAR 850-060-0215) For the Schedule of Controlled substances (See OAR 855-080-0015) Any other questions about your DEA registration should be directed to the DEA at (206)553-5443 Seattle Office or (503)721-6600 Portland Office.  DEA Homepage 
Q: Once I have registered with DEA can I prescribe any controlled substances for any purpose?
A: No, only the substances that are listed on the formulary compendium (OAR 850-060-0225 and OAR 850-060-0226) can be prescribed and used within the scope of practice.
Q: How long after the Formulary Council has submitted a drug to the Board for addition to the Formulary compendium must I wait before I can legally prescribe it?
A: Additions to the Formulary must go through the same rule making process as any other rule change. A good estimate is to allow at least 90 days from the date the Board actually initiates rule making to the permanent adoption of any substance to the formulary. It is wisest and the best practice to be sure a substance is allowed by first checking the OBNM website or checking directly with the Board if you do not have a copy of the formulary. The web site is updated as soon as the adoption is permanently filed with the Secretary of State’s office. 
Q: Will I lose my license to practice if I prescribe substances that are not listed on the formulary compendium?
A: The OBNM will take action against any practitioner that prescribes outside the formulary or scope of practice. It is possible to lose one’s license to practice if the violation is egregious enough. 
Q: How can I determine which new drugs/substances have been added to the formulary?
A: For a current formulary listing: Alphabetical Listing  Classification Listing A list can also be obtained by contacting the Board office at (971)673-0193.

Q: Am I authorized to prescribe medical marijuana?

A: No, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act states that an "attending physician means a physician licensed under ORS Chapter 677.  MDs and DOs are licensed under that statute.  Rules on medical marijuana can be found at OAR 333, Division 8


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