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Common Questions: Naturopathic Physicians
License Questions
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Q: How do I receive Oregon licensure if I hold a license in good standing in another licensing jurisdiction?
A: If you have not done so in the two years prior to applying for licensure in
Oregon, you will need to take the Oregon Jurisprudence exam.
The exam is given twice a year, in February and August for applicants who are taking the NPLEX exams during those same months or have already taken and passed the NPLEX exams. You can order transcripts from your undergraduate and naturopathic schools to be sent to OBNM and request that your jurisdiction’s licensing board send a letter of good standing. You can also request NABNE send scores from your NPLEX Basic Science and Clinical Science, Minor Surgery and Pharmalogical exams. These things are required to take the Oregon exams.  
Q: How do I receive Oregon licensure if I do not hold an active license in another jurisdiction, but have graduated from an accredited Naturopathic medical school?
A: If you have not done so in the last year before your application for licensure in Oregon, you will need to take the Oregon Jurisprudence exam. The exam is given twice a year, in February and in August.  You can also request NABNE send scores from your NPLEX Basic Science, Clinical Science, Minor Surgery and Pharmalogical exams. These things are required to take the Oregon exams. If you pass the Oregon exams, we will send you the initial application form.
Q: How do I sign up to take the Oregon Jurisprudence examination?
A: You can download an application from our website or you can contact the OBNM office and request an application be sent to you. The application will be made available online at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. Exams are administered twice a year, in February and August for those applicants who have not previously passed the NPLEX exams or who are taking the NPLEX exams.  Completed applications must be returned by the deadline on the application. Verification of graduation and transcripts must be in the file to be eligible for a license application once you have passed the Board exams. 
Q: Can you sign me up for NPLEX exams? Can you send my NPLEX scores somewhere?
A: The North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) administers NPLEX. You need to contact them for questions relating to taking the NPLEX exams. You can call them at (503)778-7990 or go to their web site www.nabne.org. The OBNM cannot forward NPLEX exams scores, only NABNE can do that for you. You must sign up for the Oregon Jurisprudence and Formulary examinations through the OBNM office. State licensure examinations are offered separate from the national examinations.
Q: I have a certificate in Naturopathic medicine that I received from a correspondence course. Will this suffice for licensure?
A: No, you must have attended a four year residency program at a school of Naturopathic medicine accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medicine (CNME) and approve by the Board. Accredited Naturopathic Schools  
Q: Do I have to notify the Board if I change my practice location, home address, or mailing address other than on my renewal at the end of the year?
A: Yes, you must notify the Board in writing or complete the update contact form within 30 days of any change in home or practice location or mailing address per OAR 850-050-0130.
Q: My address/contact information has changed. How do I update the board?
A: You need to send the update in writing or complete the update contact form. We cannot accept changes over the phone. This can be emailed, faxed or mailed to OBNM. Remember: it is your responsibility to provide the board with correct address information per OAR 850-050-0130. You will be held to any late fees that result from the renewal application being sent to an old address.   
Q: When do I need to renew my license?
A: Every licensee must renew his or her license by December 31 every year. A renewal form, which must be completed and returned with the appropriate fees and documentation each year, is emailed to the most current email address in the database by November 1. See OAR 850-040-0210 for renewal requirements.
Q: Do I have to do continuing education every year for my renewal?
A: Yes, with exception, every licensee must submit a signed affidavit of the required continuing education hours, including pharmacy and ethics. Exceptions are held for initial year of licensure, inactive and retired. See OAR 850-040-0210.
Q: Do I have to pay a license fee every year?
A: Yes, all licenses expire December 31, every year.  See OAR 850-030-0090 for the fee schedule.
Q: What if my renewal is late?
A: If it is postmarked later than December 31, you need to pay a $150 restoration fee.
Q: What if my renewal is not completed by December 31? Can I still practice?
A: Every license expires December 31, of every year. You cannot practice as a ND in Oregon without a license. You cannot practice until you have met the renewal requirements set forth in law.  
Q: How much does it cost for you to send verification of my license to another
A: OBNM does not currently charge for this service. However, you need to send the request to the board in writing and include a stamped envelope addressed to the recipient jurisdiction/agency/business. Send a verification request to OBNM, 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 407, Portland, OR 97232. Please allow one day for us to turnaround a request once received in the office.
Q: Can I obtain a list of all Oregon licensed Naturopathic physicians?
A: Yes, you must complete the application, which can be found online or by contacting the Board office, and send it with the appropriate fee to the OBNM. It can take up to five business days to process this request.
Q: If my license has been formally disciplined by the Board, will this be provided to anyone requesting license verification?
A: Yes, Board discipline is part of your permanent record and if requested a copy will be sent to anyone asking for a copy of the action. This action is required by law.

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