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Continuing Education

​​​​​​​​OBO uses an electronic submittal system. Please use meaningful file names and include one file for each requested item. Once you log into the system, the request page lists the additional information required to submit a course or surgical observation center for credit--information must be submitted within 12 momths after the course presentation to be eligible for OBO credit. You'll need to upload all of the requested documents into the system in order for the course to be reviewed. Here are the required documents based on request type:


  • Learning objectives (3-4 to describe the antic​ipated outcomes of the training)
  • Powerpoint slides or an itemized outline (1 page per hour)
  • CV's for the presenters--not required of licensed health care professionals and university professors
  • Sample certificate of completion
  • Quiz questions if the course will be provided in a recorded or non-live format. OAR 853-070-0055(2)(f)​ outlines the number of questions required by CE hours.

Surgical or Clinical Observation

  • Brief description of the surgical procedure(s) to be observed
  • Sample certificate of completion
  • CV for each of surgeon(s)--not required of licensed health care professionals and university professors​
  • Learning objectives (3-4 to describe the anticipated outcomes of the training)​

If you're sponsoring a conference or will have multiple courses, please submit a request for each individual course (even if they are on the same date and will be done consec​utively). That allows our licensees to get credit for the courses they attend and carryover hours if they exceed the Board's requirements.

Any questions or requests can be emailed to Shelley Hanson​​. PLEASE USE THE SAME COURSE TITLE ON THE SUBMITTAL FORM AS YOU'LL USE ON THE CE CERTIFICATES. Here is a sample outline​ with learning objectives to use as a guideline. 

The Board uses Microsoft products and Adobe. If you use another software program for any requested information, please save it as a pdf document. Do not upload zip files. 

Credit for Conducting Course or Presenting Material. Any optometric physician who prepares and presents a continuing education course eligible for credit under this rule is entitled to three hours of continuing education credit for each credit hour of the initial presentation of the course. No credit will be given for repeat presentations unless application for credit have been filed in advance with the Board and appropriate evidence submitted that additional study or research was necessary for such additional presentation. The Board may then grant to the extent deemed suitable by it, credit for the additional presentation.

Credit for Professional Journals. The Board may grant credit, to the extent determined by it, for publication of articles and papers of scientific and educational interest published in recognized scientific publications. In order to be awarded credit the licensee must be the first or second author of the article or paper. 

Calculation of Credit. A Doctor of Optometry must meet the continuing optometric education requirement beginning with the second license year renewal period following the year of original licensure by the board. This applies only to graduates of optometry school not more than one year post graduation. All other optometric physicians must meet the continuing optometric education requirements of Division 70​.

Responsibility to Notify the Board. Each active licensee must notify the Board of Optometry in writing of completion of the required hours of approved continuing education credits as part of the license renewal. Notification for at least the total number of required hours must be submitted at one time. If sufficient proof of continuing education is not received by the Board by the license year renewal period deadline, the license will not be renewed until the continuing education deficiency is made up in a manner acceptable to and approved by the Board. 

It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure that all continuing optometric education credits the licensee plans to submit have been approved by the Board before the license year renewal period deadline. Continuing optometric education credits that are not approved by the Board before the deadline may be considered late and may not be approved. Licensees relying on unapproved continuing optometric education program credits for renewal must submit a request for course approval and sufficient supporting program information to the Board at least 30 days before the renewal due date for consideration for credit. If the Board determines Board Responsibility for Provision of Continuing Optometric Education. The Oregon Board of Optometry must provide or approve education programs to fulfill the requirements of this section.​


​​​​​Education help

971-701-1194 (Executive  Director)

971-701-1603 (Administrative Coordinator)​

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