Continuing Education

​​​​​​​​​Continuing Optometric Education (COE)

COE Requirements are outlined in Division 70 of Oregon Administrative Rules chapter 852.

Every actively licensed doctor of optometry must complete at least 18 hours of clinical optometric courses each license year as a condition of license renewal. Continuing education hours will cover 12-month periods and be reported with license renewal applications. Upon written request, the licensee may carry forward excess hours completed in the prior license year to the current license year--licensees renewing online can mark courses for carryover after entering the required minimum 18 hours.

Of the required 18 hours, at least 9 hours each license year must be in the area of diagnosis, treatment, and management of ocular disease (TMOD). Credit will be given for no more than five (5) hours of live observation in an approved surgical facility per license year.

Of the required 18 hours, every other license year licensees must attend and submit at least 1 Board-approved hour related to optometric ethics or Oregon optometry law and administrative rules. Licensees may receive one hour of optometric ethics/Oregon optometry law credit per year for verified attendance of at least one hour at an official meeting of the Oregon Board of Optometry. Courses that are designated COPE category "E/J" are not automatically approved for this required hour.

The required hours of continuing education each license year must be of different course content. When the Board determines that a licensee has submitted a course or lecture essentially identical to another presentation submitted in the same license renewal period, credit will be given for only one.

For the first renewal on or after January 1, 2020, licensees must report a one time pain management course offered by the Oregon Pain Management Commission. Changing the Conversation About Pain is OBO Course #820. It's a free course offered by the Oregon Pain Management Commission.

For renewals on or after July 1, 2021, all licensees must report at least 1 hour of cultural competency education each year. Courses can be OBO approved (see our approved course list on the right side bar of this page) or approved by the Oregon Health Authority​​Enter cultural competency courses in the licensing system using OBO course #001. Enter the course hour(s) and date in the system--you can keep the placeholder name.

As of June 1, 2020 the Board will accept up to 5 hours of ACCME AMA PRA Category 1 in person courses. The courses must fit within the definition in OAR 852-070-0010(2) as TMOD credit.

Continuing Optometric Education Provided by Outside Entities. All continuing optometric education provided by other organizations must be submitted to the Board for approval before credit will be granted. Approval or denial of the continuing optometric education will be based on course information.​​

​Oregon Board of Optometry CE Overview
​Annual CE requirement
18 hours​
​Annual carryover maximum
18 hours​
​TMOD requirement
a minimum of 9 hours​
​Observation hours
​no more than 5 hours per annual renewal
​Oregon Pain Management Course
​1 time at first renewal on or after January 1, 2020
​1 hour of Board approved law or ethics training every other license renewal
​Cultural competency

​at least 1 hour every annual renewal on or after July 1, 2021

Approved Observation Centers

  • Cataract & Laser Institute of Southern Oregon (expires​​ 3/23/21)
  • Eyecare Associates (expired 1/12/19)
  • EyeHealth Northwest (expires 3/29/21)--Happy Valley, Providence, Good Sam and Adventist hospitals
  • Kaiser Permanente (expires 8/31/2021)
  • Klamath Surgery Center / Klamath Eye Center (expired 4/1/18)
  • Lane Surgery Center (expires 2/21/21)
  • Lasikplus (expires 7/19/2021)
  • Medical Eye Center (expires 4/22/21--course #750)
  • Oregon Eye Consultants (expired 11/12/18)
  • Oregon Ilasik & Refractive (expired 6/22/18)
  • Oregon Retina, LLP (expires 5/7/22; Dr. Malihi expires 9/12/22)
  • Orion Eye (expires 5/21/21)
  • Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute (expires 3/11/2021)
  • Restore Vision Centers (expired 12/9/17)
  • Salem Laser and Surgery Center (expired 3/3/18)
  • Siskiyou Eye Center (expired 3/9/18)
  • Teplic Custom Vision (nVision--Beaverton) (expires 3/16/21)
  • Teplic Custom Vision (nVision--Roseburg) (expires 4/1/22)​
  • TLC Laser Eye Centers (expires 5/31/20)
  • Tower Plastics Oculofacial (expires 3/17/22)
  • Weston Eye Center (expired 4/18/19)