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The Oregon Board of Optometry has made various forms available in Adobe's fillable PDF Format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Applications to renew a current license are not available at this site. The Board now handles license renewal​ online​. Emails are sent to the email address of record approximately 45 days before the license renewal due date. If you have questions please contact the Board office​. Please check your junk or spam folder for emails from the Board. 

Initial licensing application forms 

The Board has implemented a new online application system for licensure. Click here​ to launch the system. If you haven't applied through the system before, click at the bottom of the screen to Register. The registration process will require the payment of the application fee.

Instructions for application for examination and licensure and check list​​​​​​​​​​​​

Reinstating or reactivating a license

Instructions for reinstating a lapsed license​​​​

Reactivation from inactive to active status form​​​​​​

Other forms

License copy and Portable multiple-location license order form​​​​​ (link to online system)

Additional practice location notification and/or change of address notification​​​​ (link to online system)

Wall certificate order form​​

Licensee list order form​​​​ (if you're a licensee, log into the portal and go to document request to order licensee lists--this link is ONLY for unlicensed individuals or firms)

Limited liability registration form​​​

Negligence/Malpractice Claim Report form​​

Name change notification form​​ (link to online system)

Volunteer-only license registration form​​​​​

Continuing education forms

Licensee CE reporting form​​​​​ (only for active status paper renewals)

CE review submittal form​​​​ (please click the electronic submittal system link to begin the CE course submittal​ process)

Topical, nontopical, and injection certification applications for current licensees:

Application to update licensee's pharmaceutical uses (this can also be done through the online system)​​​​​​​​​​​​​ If you do not have an AT or ATI status license you'll be required to complete a Board approved 23 hour AOT course. Pacific University offers an online course

You may read an overview of the conditions for the use of the non-topical formulary.

Oregon Board of Optometry fees are established in rule. Here are the current Board fees as outlined in OAR 852-010-0080​​. ​​​​


NBEO website

Oregon Optometry Statutes

Oregon Optometry Administrative Rules

Approved Injection Courses

 Indiana University School of Optometry -- V740  

University of Alabama at Birmingham--OPT 334 (2003 grads), OPT 331 (2006), OPT 334 (2011-13), OPT/PT 323 (2014 and later)

Southern College of Optometry--OPT 221, 223

Northeastern State University--OPT 6231

Pacific University--OPT 638L

 University of Houston--6132 (undergrad), 6234, 7130, 7330, 7336

 University of Missouri--OPTOM 8570

 Massachusetts​ University--OPT 853

 Midwestern University -- OPTOG 1700

 UC Berkeley -- OPT435

Marshall B Ketchum -- CS 754 & CLE 890 (both have to be taken)

​​​​100 Hour TPA Course -- 
  Nova SE University