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​​​​​​​​At licensure, every applicant must complete the Oregon laws & administrative rules exam administered through NBEO and pass with a score of 80 or better. Once completed, have your scores sent to the Board for inclusion with your other license application materials.

Oregon law requires licensees to complete a one hour law or ethics course every other year. The COPE category of "Ethics" (EJ) is not approved unless otherwise approved by the Board. 

Another way to earn law or ethics credit is by attending at least 1 hour of an Oregon Board of Optometry Board meeting. See meeting dates for more information.

Approved Online Oregon Law/Ethics Courses


​​​​​NBEO website

Oregon Optometry Statutes

Oregon Optometry Administrative Rules

Approved Injection Courses

Indiana University School of Optometry -- V740  

University of Alabama at Birmingham--OPT 334 (2003 grads), OPT 331 (2006), OPT 334 (2011-13), OPT/PT 323 (2014 and later)

Southern College of Optometry--OPT 221, 223

Northeastern State University--OPT 6231

Pacific University--OPT 638L

 University of Houston--6132 (undergrad), 6234, 7130, 7330, 7336

 University of Missouri--OPTOM 8570

 Massachusetts​ University--OPT 853

 Midwestern University -- OPTOG 1700

 UC Berkeley -- OPT435

Marshall B Ketchum -- CS 754 & CLE 890 (both have to be taken)

​​​​100 Hour TPA Course -- 
  Nova SE University