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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are currently a ​licensed Oregon optometrist, your license renewal link is emailed to you 45 days prior to the due date. If the Board doesn't have an active email address on file, the form is mailed to your address of record. Renewal is due on or before the due date. The due date is midnight on the first day of your birth month. Electronic renewals submitted by midnight on the due date are considered on time. Paper forms postmarked on the due date are considered on time.​

Here's the link to the OHA survey​ if you are trying to renew with a paper renewal form.

CE Reporting Requirements

For the first renewal on or after January 1, 2020, licensees must report a one time pain management course offered by the Oregon Pain Management Commission. Changing the Conversation About Pain is OBO Course #820. It's a free course offered by the Oregon Pain Management Commission. As of January 1, 2022, all licensees must complete at least 1 hour of pain management education every other license renewal. The Board accepts the Oregon Pain Management Commission course or other Board approved courses. ​COPE approved pain courses (other than EJ or PM categories) can be reported if completed on or after 1/10/22.

18 hours of CE credit is due at each annual license renewal. CE hours over the 18 hour requirement ​can be marked for carryover to the next license renewal if they will not be more than 2 years old at the renewal date. Each licensee must complete at least 9 hours of TMOD credit, no more than 5 hours of observation credit (excess hours can be carried over to the next license year, if date appropriate). Every two years each licensee must report 1 hour of law/ethics credit. As of 7/1/21, licensees will also be required to complete at least 1 hour of cultural competency education for every other renewal. 

OBO accepts COPE approved courses (other than EJ ​and PM courses), Board approved courses and OHA approved cultural competency courses. 

Hours are entered in the licensee self-service portal. CE can be entered on the fly--it doesn't have to be entered at license renewal. If a license record includes an ARBO OE Tracker number, any OE Tracker courses will be uploaded to your license record. 

Licensees are not required to upload documentation at the time of renewal. If you're selected for the monthly CE/CPR audit, you'll be required to submit documentation of any CE submitted for that renewal and a copy of the current CPR card. Letters and emails are sent to all licensees selected for audit and there is a 21 day response time. It is the licensee's responsiblity to ensure that all records are submitted to meet the audit requirement. Failure to timely respond to the audit can lead to discipline and a civil penalty. ​

Licensee Record updates​

OBO's Licensee self-service portal​ is used for license renewal, mailing address updates, practice location updates and document requests (verifications, license copies, licensee lists, etc.)

Licensees are required to report changes in address, practice location, phone number and email address to the Board. Any licensee requests for information or to update licensee data via email must use the Board's e-signature. The required elements of an acceptable e-signature are:

  • Full legal name
  • License number
  • Last 4 digits of the licensee's social security number​​

If you were previously licensed as a doctor of optometry in Oregon, you may have your license reinstated if you were in good standing at the time you voluntarily surrendered your license or if it was suspended for nonpayment of the license renewal or late fee(s).

Reinst​atement of lapsed license 

To reinstate your lapsed Oregon license, use the instructions found at this link​​​​. If your license is not an AT or ATI status, you'll be required to complete a Board approved 23 hour AOT course. Pacific University offers an online course

Reactivation of your inactive status license to active status 

If you currently hold an Inactive Status Oregon optometry license and you wish to change your status to active, or if your license is lapsed and you want to practice optometry in Oregon, complete this application form​, and return it with the required documents and fees.​ If your license isn't an AT or ATI status,  you'll be required to complete a Board approved 23 hour AOT course. Pacific University offers an online course​