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​Consumers have the right under Oregon law to file a complaint and have it investigated. 

In the event that you are contacted with a potential consumer complaint, please understand that the Board is not making any condemnations, but is simply following up on a consumer complaint. 

The investigation process is confidential, so don’t take any information requests personally or attempt to contact an alleged complainant. 

Timely respond to the Board’s requests for information and understand that you will be contacted after the Board has reviewed the information and notified if there are any next steps.

ORS 683.335 requires that a licensed optometrist report to the Board any suspected violations by Oregon optometrists of ORS 683.010 to 683.155 and 683.170 to 683.290. The online complaint system will be used to request an investigation by the Board. 

​The physician's response form can be downloaded from the following link: