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Renewals & CE

When do I renew? Even-numbered licensees renew in odd years, and odd-numbered licensees renew in even years.  Renewals are due (must be postmarked) by the last day of your birth month. For example, if your license number is even and your birthday is March 12th, then your completed renewal notice & affidavit along with payment must be postmarked by March 31st each odd year.

*** Your CE reporting period is the same as your license renewal period. ***

Renewal notices are mailed out at least 6 weeks prior to the due date.  Please refer to the Renewal Schedule.  When you receive your renewal, simply complete the renewal form and return it with your payment in the envelope provided.  Check or money order only; make payable to OBPE. 

Replacement Renewal Form- If you have misplaced your renewal form, you can use this fillable replacement formRenewal Form   or   Non-fillable Renewal Form.

   Some computer settings will block our fillable forms.  If this happens, please contact your IT provider, or try the non-fillable version.

Has my renewal processed yet? Renewals are typically processed in batches twice weekly, so expect your updated license expiration date to show up on the licensee lookup within 1-4 business days of the office's receipt of your renewal. Please note that even if a license appears to be expired because it shows past the expiration date, it may still be processing. Also, there is a 30-day grace period for late payments, so a license remains valid 30 days past the stated expiration date. After that, the status will show "Lapsed."

Healthcare Workforce Survey- must be completed by all licensees at renewal.  You must print and send the proof of completion page with your renewal.

Change of Address form- Please make sure your contact information is up to date so that you receive your renewal and other important Board mailings (Non-fillable form).

Continuing Education (CE)
*The Board does not pre-approve CE courses or providers.
Basic Requirements
A licensee must earn at least 40 CE credits completed during the two-year period immediately preceding the renewal date.  New licensees (licensed less than one year) are not required to complete any CE until after their first renewal. 
Ethics CE
Licensees' CE must include at least 4 hours of professional ethics and/or Oregon State laws and regulations related to the practice of psychology for each reporting period.  This is a continuous requirement.
Pain Management CE
Licensees must report 7 hours of Pain Management education credits.  This is a one time only requirement.  Click here for more information.
NEW: Cultural Competency CE (CCCE)
For all renewal periods beginning January 1, 2016 or later, licensees must complete 4 hours of CCCE within each reporting period. This is a continuous requirement.  Click here for more information.
  • CE Audit Report - Fillable form* required to keep track of CE.  Maintain for your record, but do not submit unless you are audited.
    • Some computer settings will block this fillable form.  If this happens, please contact your IT provider, or try our non-fillable form.
  • Reading Log - Fillable form* required to track books and articles read from peer reviewed journals claimed for CE credit. Non-fillable form.
  • Study Group Form - This template is used for keeping record of study group meetings. 
* It is recommended that you save these forms to your computer, and type in your entries as you complete CE.  These forms will allow you to save your work.

CE Audit

20% of even-numbered licensees (in even years) or odd-numbered licensees (in odd years) are randomly selected for an audit of continuing education (CE) compliance.  If you are selected, you will receive notice in mid-April. 
Common (& Costly) CE Audit Report Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them
Tips on how to avoid some of the most common, and time consuming, errors made on CE Audit Reports.

For CE Providers

The Board does not pre-review or pre-approve continuing education programs.  Therefore it is not appropriate to advertise that any program has been approved by OBPE.  However, you may state that a program is designed to meet OBPE's requirements.  To qualify, there are three basic requirements:
(a) The subject matter deals primarily with substantive psychological issues, skills or laws, rules and ethical standards related to one's role as a psychologist or psychologist associate.
(b) The program is conducted by a qualified instructor or discussion leader. A qualified instructor or discussion leader is a person whose background, training, education, or experience makes it appropriate for the person to make a presentation or lead a discussion on the subject matter; and
(c) A record of attendance, such as a certificate of completion, is obtained.
Please refer to OAR 858 Division 40 for the full rule text.
The record of attendance should contain, at minimum, the title and location of the program, the sponsor, the date and duration, and the name and degree of the qualified instructor.