​​​​​​​​Oregon Hemp Laws

2022 May post-harvest (after it leaves the grower) hemp testing temp. rules

All post-harvest (after it leaves the grower) hemp sampling and testing requirements are tied to the marijuana sampling and testing rules.The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) amended the marijuana and hemp testing and laboratory accreditation standard rules in OAR Chapter 333 on March 31, 2022. May 2022 hemp post-harvest (after it leaves the grower) temp. rules

Hemp program rules

Rules implementing the Oregon hemp program. Includes, but is not limited to, license requirements, pre- and post-harvest testing requirements, as well establishes hemp law violations. OAR 603-048: hemp program rules

Information on No Sales to Minors

For Oregon businesses selling CBD and consumable hemp items. Information on No Sales to Minors

OHA testing rules

All hemp commodities or products used for human consumption - eating/drinking, smoking, or applications to skin/hair - must be tested to the same standards as marijuana as established by the the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Links below are referenced in the hemp post-harvest testing rules (OAR 603-048-2300 to 603-048-2500). OAR 333-007 Marijuana Labeling, Concentration Limits, and Testing
OAR 333-064 Accreditation of Laboratories

Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 571

Oregon statutes establishing the hemp program ORS 571.260 to 571.348

​​Federal Hemp Program

2018 Farm Bill: Subtitle G—hemp production

2018 Farm Bill

Federal (USDA) hemp production program

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill, Section 10113) directs the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to issue regulations and guidance to implement a program for the commercial production of industrial hemp in the United States. USDA hemp production program

State of Oregon hemp plan (2022)

State of Oregon hemp plan

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