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Shipping Point Inspection

44​East Umatilla County has chemical application restrictions due to sensitive crops grown in the area. ​The East Umatilla County Chemical Control District (EUCCCD) Committee includes local growers, packers, and community members. EUCCCD has an intergovernmental agreement with the State of Oregon, which provides chemical application guidance and oversight. ​​​​​​​


East Umatilla County Chemical Control District

Control district locations and restrictions. EUCCCD Guidance and Maps

Oregon Administrative Rules 603-057-0301 to 0320

603-057-0301: 2,4-D High Volatile Esters; 603-057-0305: Areas Affected; 603-057-0310: Time Period; 603-057-0315: Prohibited Acts; 603-057-0320: Permits and Applications. OAR 603-057: Pesticide Control




Pete Veliz
District Manager, Shipping Point Inspection, Hermiston
Shipping Point Inspection
30588 Feedville Rd.
Hermiston, OR 97838-0723
Phone: 541-567-2251