Nursery and Christmas Tree

​​The Nursery and Christmas Tree Program provides annual testing for some state regulated pests and pathogens. Once a nursery is found free of such pests and pathogens it is included on the compliance lists.

Annual testing occurs for the following:

  • Sudden oak death (SOD), Phytophthora ramorum
    • The Or​​egon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is required to maintain a list of nurseries approved to ship nursery stock out of state and are inspected at least annually for the presence of P. ramorum. These nurseries are listed on our website.
  • European pine shoot moth, Rhyacionia buoliana

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has discontinued enforcement of the cereal leaf beetle state exterior quarantine (CCR 3277). All articles previously regulated by CCR 3277 will no longer be required to meet the conditions of the quarantine.​​​​


Oregon nurseries approved to ship nursery stock out of state

List of Oregon nurseries approved to ship HAP nursery stock out of Oregon Approved Oregon nurseries list

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