Pesticides and PARC

The responsibility of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Pesticides Program is to investigate pesticide complaints, determine compliance with the Oregon Pesticide Control Act, and initiate any administrative actions deemed necessary. ODA does not assist in the pursuit of any damage reimbursement. 

ODA's goal is to respond to pesticide use complaints within 48 hours. If an investigation is initiated, it should be completed within 120 days. Submit a pesticide complaint form as soon after the incident as possible—or at a maximum within 30 days of the incident—when damage was first noticed. Complaints received after the 30-day period will be kept on file, but the department may not pursue action.

Please return your completed incident complaint form via email, postal mail, or fax. For a copy of the investigation file related to your complaint, please send a written request. 

Oregon Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol St NE 
Salem OR 97301-2532
Phone: 503-986-4635
Fax: 503-986-4735​

Pesticide Incident Complaint Form

Please return your completed incident complaint form via email, postal mail, or fax. English: Pesticide incident complaint Form
Spanish: Formulario de queja de pesticidas

​​Initiating a false report

It is a violation of Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 634.372(1) to initiate a false or misleading claim through any media, relating to the effect of pesticides or application method used. A false claim means a claim that: 

  • Contains, or is based on, false or fraudulent information;
  • Contains any statement or representation that is untrue in whole or part; or 
  • Omits information that could have a material effect on the value, validity or authenticity of the claim. 
​A person who files a false or misleading report may be subject to enforcement action, including civil penalties up to $10,000 per count.

Need to file a report of loss? 

Report of alleged loss due to pesticides form

Use this form to claim a loss from the use of a pesticide (including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, defoliants, desiccants or plant growth regulators) by a commercial operator. English: Alleged Loss Due to Pesticides Form
Spanish: Formulario de Informe de Presunta Pérdida Debida a Pesticidas


Pesticide Investigator District Map

Pesticide investigator map

What To Do If You Are Exposed to Pesticides information

Steps to take if exposed to pesticides

Pesticide marketplace inspection details

Pesticide marketplace inspection information




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