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Oregon Educator Network

In Oregon, one-room schoolhouses are not a thing of the past. Out of 197 school districts in Oregon, 110 have fewer than 1000 students, and 27 have fewer than 100 students!

Technology can be a lifesaver to educators in rural districts who have no job-alike peers nearby. Even without the challenge of distance, educators today are busier than ever, making it difficult to find time to connect with peers.

The Oregon Educator Network (OEN) was created to provide a space for educators to connect all across Oregon. The OEN supports collaboration between educators in schools, districts, ESDs, community colleges, universities, professional organizations, and hubs such as the Oregon STEM hubs. The OEN is a vehicle for educators who want to connect with others who are working on the same content, trying to develop solutions, or who want to find and share resources. The distance between schools or institutions is no longer a barrier to collaboration. Whether you’re in a crowded metro area, or one of our many rural towns, the Oregon Educator Network supports P-20 educators connecting with their colleagues.

With OEN, educators can: