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House Bill 2680 Work Group

House Bill 2680 (2015) directed the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to convene a work group to review the results of the 2014-15 Smarter Balanced assessments and address the following three charges:

  • Evaluate whether the Smarter Balanced assessments accurately measure student learning;
  • Analyze student learning gaps; and
  • Identify adjustments in instruction necessary to address student learning gaps.

House Bill 2680 Work Group Report and Findings

After meeting four times between January and June 2016, the House Bill 2680 work group adopted the House Bill 2680 Work Group Report which describes the group’s process, findings, and recommendations in response to the work group’s three charges. The House Bill 2680 work group formally adopted this report during a public meeting on August 24, 2016.

House Bill 2680 Work Group Report Exhibits

The work group reviewed the following exhibits over the course of their meetings to inform their findings and recommendations.

​• Exhibit 1a - Enrolled House Bill 2680
Exhibit 1b - The Right Trajectory - State Teachers of the Year Compare Former and New State Assessments (NNSTOY 2015)
Exhibit 1c - End of Grant Report - June 2015
Exhibit 2a - Accurate Measurement Matrix
Exhibit 2b - Match to CCSS Matrix
Exhibit 2c - Match to Student Matrix
Exhibit 2d - HB 2680 Work Group: Key Terms
• Exhibit 2e - HB 2680 Case Study Proposal
Exhibit 3a - Coherence Activity Map
Exhibit 3b - Grade 3 Mathematics Item Specification C1 TA
Exhibit 3c - Oregon Common Core State Standards for Mathematics - Grade 4
Exhibit 3d - Progress to Algebra in Grades K-8 (Publishers Criteria)
Exhibit 3e - Mathematics Summative Assessment Blueprint (as of 02/09/2015)
Exhibit 3f - Mathematics Claim #1 - Concepts and Procedures
Exhibit 4a - Oregon Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Grade 8
Exhibit 4b - ELA/Literacy Summative Assessment Blueprint (as of 2/9/2015)
Exhibit 4c - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: English/Language Arts Practice Test Scoring Guide - Grade 8 Performance Task
Exhibit 4d - English Language Arts Specification: Grade 4 Claim 1 Target 11
Exhibit 5a - HB 2680 Work Group - History & Context
Exhibit 5b - Introduction to the Technical Evidence
Exhibit 5c - Exploring the Evidence of Mathematics
Exhibit 5d - Exploring the Evidence for ELA

​• Exhibit 6a - Teachers matter. Yes. Schools matter. Yes. Districts matter - really? (Chenoweth 2015)
Exhibit 6b - The Long Beach Miracle, how the working-class California city saved its schools (The Atlantic, February 2016)
Exhibit 6c - Odds-Beating Schools in the Common Core Era (Wilcox 2015)
Exhibit 6d - Evaluating the Content and Quality of Next Generation Assessments (Fordham 2016)
Exhibit 6e - Evaluating the Content and Quality of Next Generation High School Assessments (HumRRO 2016)
Exhibit 6f - Rater Requirements: Measurement Incorporated
Exhibit 6g - Smarter Balanced Hand-Scoring Rules
Exhibit 6h - ELA Summative Assessment Design: Prioritization
Exhibit 6i - Better Tests, Fewer Barriers (Center for American Progress 2016)
Exhibit 6j - Smarter Balanced Elementary NAEP Study
Exhibit 6k - Technology Skills Embedded in the Common Core Standards
Exhibit 6l - ADA Requirements: Testing Accommodations
Exhibit 7a - Mathematics Quality Criteria: Bias and Sensitivity
Exhibit 7b - Quality Criteria Checklist: Bias and Sensitivity - ELA
Exhibit 7c - Data Review Summary Reference Sheet
Exhibit 7d - UAA Framework and Categories
Exhibit 7e - Continuous Improvement Plan: Examining the Data: Making Course Corrections (Bloomquist, 2016)
Exhibit 7f - Descriptive Examples of Six “Beating the Odds” Schools in Oregon - An Exploratory Study (Gutierrez 2014, ODE 2013)
Exhibit 7g - Framework
Exhibit 7h - Teacher Survey
Exhibit 8a - HB 2680 Work Group March 18 Meeting
Exhibit 8b - Math Priority and Supporting Content
Exhibit 8c - Item Match to Student
Exhibit 8d - Oregon’s Assessment Accessibility Supports
Exhibit 8e - Data Analysis Protocol: An Example
Exhibit 8f - Descriptive Study of Beating the Odds Schools

​• Exhibit 9a - Descriptive Study Survey Questions
Exhibit 9b - Descriptive Study Focus Group Interview Questions
Exhibit 10a - HB 2680 Work Group Meeting Summary - March 18, 2016
Exhibit 10b - Using Consensus
Exhibit 10c - Guiding Questions
Exhibit 10d - Collaboration
Exhibit 10e - Instruction
Exhibit 10f - Assessment
Exhibit 11a - HB 2680 Work Group June 10 Meeting

​• Exhibit 12a - HB 2680 Work Group Meeting Summary - June 10, 2016
Exhibit 12b - Draft HB 2680 Work Group Report v1 (from Facilitator)
Exhibit 13a - HB 2680 Work Group June 27 Meeting
Exhibit 14a - HB 2680 Work Group Meeting Summary - June 27, 2016

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