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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

Student-Centered Assessment Project


In order for formative assessment to be effective, students must feel respected, valued, efficacious, and engaged in the classroom. This set of materials, developed by ODE and Education Northwest, provides educators with resources to promote a classroom environment in which students can participate fully in formative assessment, while developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for success in school and life.

The resources provide evidence-based activities educators can use to complement classroom formative assessment practices, as well as help students develop ODE’s essential personal management and teamwork skills.

Specifically, we focus on three aspects of SEL that relate closely to formative assessment:

  • Social belonging
  • Growth mindset
  • Self-regulation

With these materials, educators will be able to:

  • Define each topic
  • Understand the importance of each topic for formative assessment
  • Feel familiar with the research base behind each topic
  • Conduct SEL activities with students using the materials and instructions provided
  • Train other adults using the materials and guides provided

How to use the materials

For each of the three topics (Social Belonging, Growth Mindset, and Self-Regulation), the materials contain:

  • PowerPoint slides that present an overview of research on the topic. (Intended audience=adults)
  • An accompanying facilitator’s guide, so that you can give the presentation to other adults in your school setting.
  • Supplemental instructions and/or materials for conducting activities with students. (Intended audience=students)

Grade levels

The research overviews are appropriate for educators of students at any grade level. The activities are designed for a range of grade levels, as indicated in the instructions for each activity.