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CTE Teacher Licensure


To teach in an Oregon state approved CTE program, the instructor must have an appropriate CTE license and/or endorsement that is specific to the program career area. The Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) governing CTE teacher licensure were revised and adopted by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) in 2010. Chapter 584 of the OARs includes those rules specific to TSPC. Division 42 is the section of OARs under TSPC regulation that outlines CTE Licenses and Endorsements.


CTE Licensure Types

NOTE: CTE application is a two-part process. The above CTE application is forwarded to TSPC, to be combined with the TSPC application.

 For further information, please email Teacher Licensure Education Specialist Margaret Mahoney.

For all other teacher licensing, please visit the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

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