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CTE Revitalization Grant


The CTE Revitalization Grant program is a purposive concept designed to support student engagement and success, completion leading to career and college preparation, and a potential boost to local/regional economic development.

New for the 2019-21 CTE Revitalization Grant

The process for distributing CTE Revitalization Grants during this biennium has changed. Qualifying schools and programs will be invited to submit an application based on their level of High School Success funding, or their status as one of the nine federally-recognized Oregon Tribes. Based on legislative intent, invitations will be based on the following criteria:

  1. District received less than $100,000 in funding for High School Success, based on the first-year allocation of the 2017-19 biennium; AND
  2. Activities undertaken under this grant must be consistent with the establishment or expansion of a CTE program that:
  • ties to a local/regional business, labor, and industry;
  • maps to a high-wage/high-demand career area; and
  • involves a path to career and/or postsecondary education and training.

Further information is available on the Frequently Asked Questions about the 2019-21 Revitalization Grant document.

2019-21 Grant Recipients

CTE Revitalization Grant Project Abstracts - 2019-21 (updated 6/19/2020)


ODE administers the 2019-21 CTE Revitalization Grant program in a manner consistent with Oregon's Equity Lens. We encourage all districts to engage with collaborators within the local and regional community to help improve attendance, access, equity, and completion for the benefit of all students, including but not limited to historically underrepresented populations (e.g., communities of color, students living in intergenerational poverty, mobile students, etc.) who have not traditionally enjoyed access to and success in Career and Technical Education programming. Districts interested in participating in the 2019-21 CTE Revitalization Grant program will be expected to demonstrate appropriate community engagement to enhance opportunities for all students to enjoy the support necessary to succeed in a CTE program.

CTE/STEM Listserv

For additional information, or to join a CTE and STEM grant update listserv, please contact the ODE/CTE Revitalization Grant Team.


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