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Charter School Program Grants


The Oregon Department of Education received an $8.79 million federal grant to increase the quality of public charter schools in our state between 2015-2018. This grant is designed to support newer public charter schools in Oregon and disseminate best practices from effective charter schools to the rest of the public education system. Funds will be used to support training and professional development for all subgrantees in culturally responsive education practices, reduce systemic educational inequities, and promote collaboration and partnership with non-charter public schools. 

General funding priorities of the grant will be to fund schools that have a mission, program design, or track record of reducing or eliminating achievement and opportunity gaps for historically underserved students, reducing exclusionary discipline rates, and/or increasing graduation and post-secondary enrollment rates. 

All subgrantees will participate in professional development focused on culturally responsive curriculum, pedagogy, educational practices, and school culture. 

Grant funds will also be used to provide support and training to district sponsors through trainings and the development of model tools districts may adopt. 

Planning Subgrants 

Currently Closed

(1 year project awards) will fund up to $100,000 for developers that have submitted an application for a  charter to an authorizing district and have not opened for operation. Subgrantees will participate in pre-operational activities to support quality implementation. Eligible applicants will have submitted an application for a  new charter to an authorizing district. Priority will be given to applicants who include in their mission serving historically underserved and/or at-risk students. Estimated Number of Awards: 5 per year, for three years.

Implementation Subgrants 

Currently Closed

OCSP implementation grants will award between $250,000 - $450,000 for 1-2 year grant periods to charter schools that will open soon after award or have opened within three years of being awarded. Subgrantees will implement projects designed to increase student achievement through innovative education models and to support the initial operation of the charter school. Eligible applicants will have approval from a school district or other sponsor to begin operation soon after the grant is awarded or will have been successfully operating a charter school for less than three years from the date the grant is awarded. Priority will be given to applicants who include in their mission serving historically underserved and/or at-risk students, reducing or eliminating achievement or opportunity gaps, improving the graduation rate, or reducing or eliminating exclusionary discipline practices. Estimated Number of Awards: 8 per year, for two years. 

RFP Released August 31, 2017

Dissemination Subgrants 

Currently Closed

OCSP dissemination subgrants will award between $30,000 - $200,000 for a 1-2 year project period for charter schools that have been open for at least five years and have a track record of increased student achievement in historically underserved students, reduction or elimination of one or more achievement or opportunity gap, reduction or elimination or exclusionary discipline practices, or increased graduation and/or post-secondary program enrollment rates. Eligible applicants will be in compliance with their charter for the last five years and have a demonstrated record of success. Projects will include a plan for statewide dissemination and priority will be given to applicants who include a plan to partner with one or more poor-performing district schools. Estimated Number of Awards: 2-5 per year, for three years. 

RFP Released August 31, 2017


Click here for Webinar video - Effective Practices in Reducing and Eliminating Exclusionary Discipline 

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