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Trường học Sẵn sàng, Học sinh An toàn Hướng dẫn cho năm học 2020-21

Full-Time In-Person School Is Coming Back

Oregon schools are getting ready for students to return to the classroom this fall. For kids and families, this can be a mix of anxiety, excitement and opportunity. This may be especially true for families and students who have personally experienced the deep impact of COVID-19, including those who are Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ2SIA+, living with a disability, or living in a rural community. It’s important we all show up with care and connection for each other as we begin the new school year together.

ODE’s Resiliency Framework for the 2021-22 school year focuses on advisory health and safety recommendations. The majority of health and safety protocols, including face coverings and physical distancing are advisory, meaning school districts, public charter schools and private schools will have the option to implement, as appropriate. This will allow flexibility for school districts to design their own return to school plans that best meet the needs of their community. As school districts across Oregon finalize their own plans for the upcoming school year, each district’s approach must:

Have a plan: School districts must have a communicable disease management plan that describes the measures they’ve taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 in their schools.

Stay home if exposed: School officials are required to exclude any staff or student whom they suspect has been exposed to COVID-19, and will work closely with local public health to determine exposures.

Isolate if sick: If a student gets sick during the day, schools must have a space for that student to rest and be monitored by staff until they are able to go home.

Note: Per federal mandate, passengers and drivers must wear a face covering on school buses, including on buses operated by public and private school systems.

Your local school district

Local school districts are in charge of setting health and safety rules. Find information on your school district’s plan by finding your local school district below:

State-Sponsored Charter Schools

Public Charter Schools

Learn more about schools and COVID-19

Questions or concerns? Here are a few resources for more information.

Ready Schools, Safe Learners: Resiliency Framework for the 2021-22 School Year.


Phản hồi và Ý kiến

Nếu quý vị có câu hỏi về hướng dẫn RSSL ("Trường học Sẵn sàng, Học sinh An toàn), vui lòng liên hệ Oregon Department of Education.

Nếu quý vị cho rằng một trường học không tuân thủ hướng dẫn RSSL, quý vị có thể nộp đơn khiếu nại có tên hoặc bảo mật với Oregon OSHA theo số 1-833-604-0884 hoặc trực tuyến. Quy trình khiếu nại OSHA dành cho nhân viên, học sinh, gia đình và thành viên cộng đồng. An toàn trường học và các câu hỏi khác liên quan đến trường học COVID-19 có thể được trả lời bằng cách gửi email cho chúng tôi.