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Multi-Year Database Information

The Multi-year Database contains Special Education Child Count data for a 10-year span.

The Multi-Year Database data is now available through the Systems Performance Review & Improvement (SPR&I) application, which can be accessed through the ODE District webpage. You will need access to the SPR&I application in Consolidated Collections in order to download this information.

The Special Education Multi-Year Database is provided as a resource for conducting studies. The purpose of this tool is to assist agencies in complying with federal and state requirements and in improving instruction for students with disabilities as described in the State of Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-021-0340(5). This rule permits the Oregon Department of Education to disclose information if the recipient agrees to comply with the conditions of OAR 581-021-0340(5)(b)(A & B). In addition, the information is subject to limitations on redisclosure described in OAR 581-021-0350.

Multi-Year Database Documentation

To download the Multi-Year Database and documentation, while in the SPR&I application hover over the SPED menu at the top and select Multi-Year Database. If you do not have access to the SPR&I, please contact your district security administrator.

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