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SECC Application Download


We encourage you to first make a back up copy of any data file you plan to work with inside the SECC application.

Follow these steps to access and install the application on your computer:

Initial Installation to a PC

Before installing the application, you will need to install the latest version of Microsoft’s "Jet" drivers. These files are critical to the SECC Client Application and are used by the application to load and save the child count data on your computer. Click on one of the following links to download and install the appropriate drivers for your computer.

Note: During installation of the Microsoft Jet driver you may encounter a message indicating that your computer is already up to date with the current version of the driver. In this case, please skip to Download Application/Updates.

New and Year-Round Application Users

If you use the Data Manager year around, please backup your data and close the application prior to installing the update.

  • Download the SECC Client Application or Update and save to your desktop. Currently, Data Manager is version 2.2017.11.9.
  • Once downloaded, double click the SECCClient.exe icon to begin the installation or update. We suggest you accept the installation defaults during the installation.
  • Follow the instructions for installing the application.

Suggestions for Application Improvements or Reporting Minor Bugs

Examples would include:

  • Recommendations for format changes (button positions, colors, screen layout), wording on error messages, etc.
  • Anything that is not broken but you believe could be improved by an addition or change.
  • A validation that is not working properly or is missing.
  • Any error message that occurs during normal use of the application. (Please be prepared to give the EXACT steps you were doing prior to the problem, what operating system and service pack you are working on e.g., Windows XP, Professional, Version 2002, service pack 3.)

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