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English Learner (EL) Work Groups

ESSA English Learner (EL) Work Groups

Three state work groups have been created to provide recommendations on the EL ESSA components: EL Identification, EL Reclassification/Exit, and EL Accountability.  Fortunately, these work groups will be building on work from the past several years.  Prior to the passage of ESSA, Oregon had already been working on developing more consistent EL identification and exit procedures, as well as developing better measures of EL progress.  This was due in part to the state’s transition to ELPA21, the English Language Proficiency Assessments.  This Power Point provides additional information about the EL components in ESSA and the composition and progress of each of the state work groups.  

Major English Learner (EL) Components in ESSA

Statewide identification and exit procedures and criteria for ELs.

States are required to adopt standardized statewide entrance and exit procedures and criteria for ELs that are consistent across districts.  This is intended to address the fact that currently the EL status of potential, current or former ELs could change along with their access to EL services and other classes whenever these students move to another district.

EL accountability merged into Title I accountability.

Previously Title I and Title III accountability were completely separate. Under ESSA, EL accountability measures (formerly called Annual Measureable Achievement Objectives or AMAOs) are mostly subsumed under Title I accountability and other EL accountability and reporting provisions have been added.  Of particular importance is the addition of an EL indicator as one of five key indicators for Title I accountability.   

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