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Examples of Allegations and Supporting Facts

Allegation Supporting Facts
The school district/program did not implement my child's IEP/IFSP. My child's November 2011 IEP/IFSP includes 30 minutes per week of speech-language services, and I heard at a parent-teacher conference that he hadn't seen the speech therapist all year.
The district/program has refused to provide appropriate reading instruction for my child. My child is in the fourth grade and is still at a beginning reading level.
At the last IEP meeting (in January 2012) I asked for more (or a different type) of reading instruction and the district refused.
The district/program does not complete special education evaluations within 60 school days. I asked for a special education evaluation because my 6th grade son has had a difficult transition to middle school, he is failing his classes, and he has been suspended several times. I signed a consent form when I met with the counselor in October 2011. It is now April 2012, I never got the results of the testing, and my son is still having trouble in school.
The regular education teachers refuse to accommodate my child's disability. My 11th grade daughter has a specific learning disability. Her October 2011 IEP says teachers will let her have extra time to complete assignments and she can take tests in the resource room so they can be read to her. Her teachers lower her grade on assignments when she takes extra time to complete them, and won't let her go to the resource room to take tests.