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Complaint Log 2016


16-054-001 La Grande SD

Filed: 1/20/16
Final Order: 3/18/16
Topics: IEP Implementation, Re-evaluation, IEP Content & Behavior Support Plan

16-054-002 Redmond SD

Filed: 1/25/16
Dismissed: 3/9/16

16-054-003 Salem-Keizer SD

Filed: 1/27/16
Final Order: 3/24/16  3/24/16
Topics: IEP Content, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors, Manifestation Determination, Placement, Review & Revision of IEP, Parent Participation, General Evaluation & Re-evaluation Procedures, Extended School Year

16-054-004 Sutherlin SD

Filed: 2/17/16
Final Order: 4/15/16
Topics: General Evaluation & Re-evaluation Procedures, Content of IEP, When IEPs Must be in Effect

16-054-005 Portland SD

Filed: 2/23/16
Dismissed: 6/6/16

16-054-006 Redmond SD

Filed: 3/16/16
Final Order: 5/10/16
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, General Evaluation & Reevaluation Procedures

16-054-007 Redmond SD

Filed: 3/21/16
Dismissed: 5/17/16

16-054-008 Santiam Canyon SD

Filed: 3/28/16
Dismissed: 3/30/16

16-054-009 Douglas Co SD

Filed: 4/4/16
Final Order: 5/19/16
Topics: Independent Educational Evaluation

16-054-010 Sheridan SD

Filed: 4/7/16
Final Order: 6/3/16
Topics: General Evaluation & Reevaluation Procedures, Access to Student Records, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors, Content of IEP & Behavioral Support Plan

16-054-011 Lake Oswego SD

Filed: 4/15/16
Final Order: 6/7/16
Topics: FAPE, Parent Participation, When IEPs Must be in Effect, Least Restrictive Environment, Extended School Year

16-054-012 Redmond SD

Filed: 4/18/16
Final Order: 6/8/16
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, IEP Content, Access to Student Educational Records, Review & Revision of IEPs

16-054-013 Salem-Keizer SD

Filed: 4/20/16
Dismissed: 6/28/16

16-054-014 Eagle Point SD

Filed: 4/28/16
Final Order: 6/27/16
Topics: Disciplinary Removals of More than 10 Days, Parent Participation - General, Prior Written Notice

16-054-015 Eugene SD

Filed: 5/3/16
Dismissed: 6/21/16

16-054-016 Salem-Keizer SD

Filed: 5/16/16
Final Order: 7/15/16
Topics: IEP Content, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors, Review & Revision of IEPs, Requirements for Least Restrictive Environment

16-054-017 Eagle Point SD

Filed: 5/23/16
Final Order: 7/19/16
Topics: Disciplinary Removals of More than 10 School Days (Pattern or Consecutive), Requirements of an Interim Alternative Setting, Requirements for Least Restrictive Environment, FAPE

16-054-018a Estacada SD

Filed: 6/2/16
Dismissed: 7/5/16

16-054-018b Clackamas ESD

Filed: 6/2/16
Dismissed: 7/5/16

16-054-019 Coos Bay SD

Filed: 6/6/16
Final Order: 8/4/16
Topics: Least Restrictive Environment, Nonacademic Services, Placement, When IEPs Must be in Effect, IEP Content

16-054-020 Lincoln Co SD

Filed: 6/15/16
Final Order: 9/6/16
Topics: Parent Participation - General, When IEPs Must be in Effect

16-054-021 Reynolds SD

Filed: 6/21/16
Final Order: 8/19/16
Topics: Parent Participation - Special Factors, Prior Written Notice, Content of IEP, Implementation of IEP

16-054-022 Lincoln Co SD

Filed: 6/27/16
Final Order: 8/24/16
Topics: FAPE, Charter Schools, Parent Participation - General

16-054-023 Salem-Keizer SD

Filed: 7/1/16
Final Order: 8/24/16
Topics: Evaluation & Reevaluation Requirements

16-054-024 Douglas Co SD

Filed: 7/1/16
Dismissed: 7/5/16

16-054-025 Fern Ridge SD

Filed: 7/12/16
Dismissed: 8/3/16

16-054-026 Portland SD

Filed: 8/10/16
Dismissed: 11/7/16

16-054-027 Gresham-Barlow SD

Filed: 8/22/16
Final Order: 10/20/16
Topics: IEP Implementation, IEP Accessibility

16-054-028 Colton SD

Filed: 9/9/16
Dismissed: 10/7/16

16-054-029 Greater Albany SD

Filed: 9/20/16
Final Order: 11/16/16
Topics: IEP Team, Evaluation Planning, Determining Eligibility, Interpretation of Evaluation Data, Placement, Parent Participation, IEP Content, When IEPs Must be in Effect

16-054-030 Eugene SD

Filed: 9/28/16
Final Order: 11/18/16
Topics: Child Find, FAPE, Manifestation Determination, Prior Written Notice, Protections for Children not yet Eligible for Special Education

16-054-031 Eugene SD

Filed: 9/29/16
Dismissed: 10/5/16

16-054-032 Reynolds SD

Filed: 10/3/16
Dismissed: 11/29/16

16-054-033 David Douglas SD

Filed: 10/17/16

16-054-034 Gresham-Barlow SD

Filed: 10/31/16
Final Order: 12/26/16
Topics: Alternative Placements, Supplementary Aids and Services, When IEPs Must be in Effect, IEP Implementation, IEP Content, General Evaluation and Re-evaluation Procedures

16-054-035 Beaverton SD

Filed: 11/7/16

16-054-036 No Wasco SD

Filed: 11/14/16
Final Order: 1/13/17
Topics: IEP Implementation, Disciplinary Removal, FAPE, IEP Content, Parental Consent, Parent Participation 

16-054-037 No Clackamas SD

Filed: 11/30/16
Final Order: 1/26/17
Topics: Access to Student Records, When IEPs Must be in Effect, Review and Revision of IEPs, Placement and Requirement for Least  Restrictive Environment, Disciplinary Removals of More than 10 School Days 

16-054-038 Eugene SD

Filed: 11/30/16
Final Order: 1/26/17
Topics: Child Find, FAPE

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