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Complaint Log 2017


17-054-001 Portland SD

Filed: 1/3/17
Dismissed: 7/31/17

17-054-002 Parkrose SD

Filed: 1/5/17
Dismissed: 5/31/17

17-054-003 Elkton SD

Filed: 2/2/17
Final Order: 4/4/17
Topics: Parent Participation, Review & Revision of IEPs, IEP Content, Prior Written Notice

17-054-004 Hillsboro SD

Filed: 2/16/17
Final Order: 4/14/17
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, Placement

17-054-005 Scio SD

Filed: 2/17/17
Final Order: 4/19/17
Topics: Parent Participation/Special Factors, Procedural Safeguards/Notices, IEP Content, Predetermination of Placement, IEP Team

17-054-006 Woodburn SD

Filed: 3/13/17
Dismissed: 3/17/17

17-054-007 McMinnville SD

Filed: 3/20/17
Topics: Disciplinary Removals/Manifestation Determination, Prior Written Notice, IEP Implementation, Parent Participation, FAPE, Review & Revision of IEPs, Least Restrictive Environment, Placement

17-054-008 Canby SD

Filed: 3/21/17
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect

17-054-009 Eugene SD

Filed: 4/17/17
Topics: Placement of the Child, Parent Participation-General, Parent Participation Requirements for IEP and Placement Meetings, Review & Revision of IEPs, Prior Written Notice 

17-054-010 Eugene SD

Filed: 4/17/17
Topics: Responsibility for Evaluation & Eligibility Determination, Evaluation & Reevaluation Requirements

17-054-011 Portland SD

Filed: 4/18/17
Topics: IEP Implementation, IEP Content, FAPE 

17-054-012 Douglas Co SD & ODE

Filed: 4/24/17
Topics: Evaluation, IEP Content, FAPE, Placement, State General Supervision

17-054-013 Ashland SD

Filed: 5/2/17
Final Order: 7/5/17
Topics: Access to Student Educational Records, IEP Content & Evaluation & Reevaluation Requirements, Independent Educational Evaluation, IEP Team, Prior Written Notice, Review & Revision of IEPs, Specific Learning Disability, When IEPs must be in Effect

17-054-014 Brookings-Harbor SD

Filed: 5/26/17
Final Order: 8/8/17
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, IEP Content, Team Considerations & Special Factors, Review & revision of IEPs, General Evaluation & re-evaluation Procedures, Evaluation & Re-evaluation Requirements, Manifestation Determination, Prior Written Notice, Placement of Child

17-054-015 Beaverton SD

Filed: 5/30/17
Final Order: 7/24/17
Topics: IEP Implementation, IEP content, Placement & Requirement for Least Restrictive Environment

17-054-016 No Wasco SD

Filed: 5/31/17
Dismissed: 6/1/17

17-054-017 Beaverton SD

Filed: 6/12/17

17-054-018 Portland SD

Filed: 9/5/17
Final Order: 11/1/17
Topics: Parent Participation, FAPE

17-054-019 Lake Oswego SD

Filed: 9/13/17
Dismissed: 9/14/17

17-054-020 Gresham-Barlow SD

Filed: 9/14/17
Dismissed: 10/9/17

17-054-021 Hillsboro SD

Filed: 9/20/17
Final Order: 11/28/17
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, Parent Participation, IEP Review & Revision, Evaluation & reevaluation Requirements, General Evaluation & Reevaluation Procedures, Evaluation Planning, Eligibility, Interpretation on Evaluation Data, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors, Parent Participation for IEP Placement Meetings

17-054-022 Portland SD

Filed: 10/27/17
Dismissed:  12/19/17

17-054-023 Springfield SD

Filed: 11/6/17
Final Order: 1/5/18
Topics: IEP Implementation, FAPE

17-054-025 Ashland SD

Filed: 11/20/17
Final Order: 1/19/18
Topics: FAPE, Failure to Evaluate, Child Find, Parent Participation/Placement

17-054-026 Klamath Falls SD

Filed: 11/27/17
Final Order: 2/21/18
Topics: Parent participation General, Parent Participation Requirements for IEP & Placement Meetings, IEP Team, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors

17-054-027 Riddle SD

Filed: 12/7/17
Dismissed: 12/8/17

17-054-028 Portland SD

Filed: 12/11/17
Final Order: 3/16/18
Topics: When IEPs Must be in Effect, Least Restrictive Environment, FAPE, Procedures for Complaints as Required by IDEA 

17-054-029 Portland SD

Filed: 12/11/17
Final Order: 2/16/18
Topics: When IEPs Must Be in Effect, Parent Participation General, Assignment, Direction, & Supervision of Educational Assistants, IEP Team Considerations & Special Factors

17-054-030 Sheridan SD

Filed: 12/11/17
Final Order: 2/9/18
Topics: Placement & Requirement for Least Restrictive Environment, FAPE

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